National hearing day: the first order launched special captions

מורה חיילת מדגימה את שפת הסימנים. צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Recruitment Bureau Tel Hashomer had first day of sorts for the hearing impaired, with more tests and 85% iiaolan “hearing impaired was exempt from conscription to volunteer.”

תאריך: 28/05/2013, 21:32    
מחבר: רותם פסו ואלעד לביא

First order accessible captioning was held this week for the first time, the recruitment Tel Hashomer. The order adapted to the target group and the prospective hearing accompanied by teachers from “soldiering” which helped them and the tirgamo to sign messages. The first decree in mongsh excellent week day ads
The NTSB hearing.

Recruiting Commander Tel Hashomer, Lt. Col. NIR, explained that this was a unique day.
A joint initiative of the medical force and hard of hearing “loud” ו”שמע”. “It opened and after discussions, we decided that we make today are optimized for hard-of-hearing. As part of the principle
We gouge on army values of our flag for everyone and equal opportunities, and therefore tried to alleviate those prospective order process “, said Lieutenant Colonel.

The emergency procedures for the deaf requires special measures and tests, and because no whip
Was known to the military until arrival at the lodge, a situation arises that cannot respond.
The tests one day came to give it.

National hearing day: the first order launched special captions

Also in IDF’s Facebook page were to increase awareness of the national hearing day

Before the first order held a general preparatory recruitment Tel Hashomer, a lecture to the Bureau on the auditory impairment and activities Soloman and their families.
“We’ve asked them to collect documents that facilitate the procedures, such as hearing tests, Diagnostics, and medical certification to” indicate to Tel Hashomer. At the same time, improved signage and guidance in recruitment, and representatives of NGOs were allowed to accompany a prospective to ease the process.

Extra effort made in the recruitment to spy on him today is the concentration of animals in certain period. “We physicians, members of the medical committees and a professional takes to set profile or certified that recruiting volunteers,” said Lieutenant Colonel. These actions were made in order to facilitate the hearing and to avoid a situation where they need to complete details or to bring additional documents, and to expedite the order process and relieving
The first one.

To the recruitment office arrived around 15 hearing of all Israel, and before it was decided whether the pilot determined that also other fundraising or system offices in the future at Tel Hashomer induction only.
“The pilot was very successful and we were able to concentrate efforts for the target group”, said Lieutenant Colonel. Four hearing-impaired people found unfit to raise, and eight others while remaining 11th began volunteering process. “in percentage.
The desire to volunteer, which is an impressive statistic – 85% of those who do not charge for IDF recruitment wanted, “explained Lieutenant Colonel.

More than 130 roles captioning

Over 10% of the population suffer from a decrease in hearing level, the hearing impaired and the State of Israel is not small. Existing routine orbit “audio” in the education Corps, which help teachers-women in schools and houses designed for the hearing impaired, or combine them with the answer.

Private Tal Kivity is the substitute “audio track” was also the first mongsh order hard of hearing. “While the service was introduced to another unfamiliar world. Until you’ve entered don’t know it. Hard of hearing have a different language and a different mentality and it’s amazing how it enriches to communicate with these people, “testified PFC Kivity. Private planet wave serves also on the same track, and assisted as translator in the recruitment Tel Hashomer in mongsh Sunday. “It’s a course I always care and first order was special and exciting.
This is something very important, and felt that the recruitment office also works to deal with wanting to help, “she told private star. “Great job exposing me and rich culture,
Processes aimed at the recruitment procedures to the first order in a way that will be returned to the population “.

Over 130 existing positions for the hearing-impaired, almost all commands and in departments including intelligence Corps, ordnance Corps, Navy, air force, Navy Medical Corps contacts. These positions are taken into account various constraints, such as the inlay bases, inability to operate weapons and other restrictions related to the severity of the disability.

Translated from Hebrew