Six officers received the staircase stands in a ceremony in the presence of the Commissioner and the Minister of public security pnimaium
(2) conducted the ceremony senior officers at the underground level is Israel. The ceremony.
Took place in the presence of the Chief of police, ” Chief Ronnie RNA alshich, Minister of public security h ardan, total
Ceo Ministry of public security, the torso harnesses the Ministry of public security, senior faculty
Israel Police, policy makers, family members, and invited guests.

The recipients

Commander Solomon was appointed Minister Secretary security security in sub.

Commander Samuel Booker was appointed Deputy Head of human resources Division with the rank of sub.

Commander Shimon LAVI was appointed commander of the space underground is Sharon.

Commander Haim Blumenfeld was appointed commander of the national police college degree give stands.

Commander Cyrus in rnor was appointed head of the national unit for fraud investigations (יאח”ה) rank
Sub Commander.

Yuval GAT will be appointed Chief Communications and Population Division with the rank of sub.

According to
Commissioner Ronnie relations 212: “we stand at the ceremony the first part
Tennis new face graphic All have been carefully selected after a thorough process, we first determine who
Will then be promoted, where true method will ensure as far as possible we promote Israel Police
The best. After you have considered all the personal and professional skills to succeed
Actual success depends on preserving a sense of mission. Destined to serve and we will. “

It is a challenge for police. The tendency to “run” a war crime for the service account
The challenge of citizen law enforcement worldwide. For us the challenge is enormous, as police on Motel
Formally not homeland security challenges. Thanks to the Interior Ministry and the Minister heads,
MK Gilad erdan, the support we get and extraordinary police backup and standing,
Against far-reaching changes brought by the organization.

According to
Interior Security Minister MK Gilad erdan: together with senior personnel of the Israel Police,
The officers promoted to the rank of subspecies is today are those who lead the historical guidance projects
And I promote Israel Police in recent months, including improving the service and enforcement in Arab society,
Increasing the presence of police officers on foot in crowded places, strengthening traffic Division, war
The criminal organizations and for the struggle against terrorism. We chose the best officers and worthy for promotion.
And I wish them luck with Israel called the role “.

Translated from Hebrew