New clinic in central command will give an answer to thousands of soldiers.

The clinic is located at hatm Benjamin includes among others a dental clinic and physiotherapy, which will encourage actions health awareness among
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מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

פיקוד המרכז

Only health: new clinic recently opened at חטמ”ר.
The clinic will provide professional medical response to the thousands of soldiers and set in the space. The new clinic was established as part of the project “רומ”ח “(medicine and life) led by
Ogdati medical officer, Lt. Col. Adi Leyva; Include dental clinic, physiotherapy room, קב”ן and preventive medicine.

Advanced clinic coming to meet medical needs of all the soldiers, including Judea and Samaria division headquarters, the civil administration for Judea, and employment operational regiments
In sector.  “The clinic meets the medical standards are high,” says Lt. Col. Dr. Leyva. “When we got here we figure medicine Diagnostics. and we have the envelope to the IAI (operational employment – d. f.), permanent personnel and soldiers from the Division’s headquarters, said.

The emphasis on clinic providing the optimal set of space, about half of the servants. “There are a lot of people, and we try to compare the Medical Division medicine they can get citizenship, to ensure that their service and keep them healthy,” noted קרפ”חית (regimental medical officer), Captain corg. “Dental clinic established here unequivocally better than the civilian public clinics,” stated.

In addition, these next few weeks are held in the new project on behalf of Medicine Division,
Which aims to track people in chronic disease risk, in order to provide preventive treatment.
“We are bringing a mobile brigade with paramedics measure blood pressure, weight and pulse, to track a population prone to diseases such as diabetes, and to raise health awareness among permanent members,” said Captain Ben Simon. “If it works we will extend all bound project” outright unveiled.

Improving medical infrastructure in central command wouldn’t stops at hatm Benjamin. Two months ago, began the construction of a clinic specialists also come (regimental training base) Kfir
Who lies. “The clinic will give a response to the forces that Baba – novices, commanders and staff,” said the Chief Commanding Colonel (Dr.), Dr. Moshe pinkert.

Translated from Hebrew