New command intensifies protect Gaza border during operation

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The reserve forces were called to keep the Gaza Strip border in case of manipulation were significant lands to be prepared for a variety of scenarios, including bombing.
Penetration through the tunnel. The training and the results have been recorded this week, as part of מ”צוק”

תאריך: 17/07/2014, 12:40    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

צוק איתן
מנהרת טרור

New command intensifies protect Gaza border during operation

Multiply the Gaza border protection: new formula command during the last year.
Empowering the forces that protect the sector before and during maneuvering. The command lists the protection measures during operation, her loyalty to the reserve brigades. As part of a comprehensive intelligence analysis, historical and current.

It seems today around the Gaza Strip, as well as training facilities for the reserve brigades. “The change we change the image. We will be “iron material, said.
In a conversation with the IDF website, battalion commander Lt. Col. Anwar reserves of southern command troops
Replace the border line while regular divisions in case of manipulation. “The lessons of operation” pillar “findings that should make ourselves even more massive protection,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Anwar the initial catalyst for the process. “We caught it in time. The transformation process began six months ago after ‘ pillar ‘, and so on Tuesday, when the reserve shnkrano, coincidentally, elaborated. Than cost so far, investment in thickening the defenses against the leash.
Was a necessary step that could save lives. “Hamas understands that he has no chance against the IDF operation” lands, said Lieutenant Colonel Anwar.

New command intensifies protect Gaza border during operation

Reservists train left this week. Photo: IDF

The training base of the southern command (South), Lt. Col. Yaron,
Expanded. “The winning of Hamas attempts to produce through injury, as we saw in the failed bombing attempt on pesticides”, explained in a conversation with. ”
In General, the fact that the us now is to be ready for any threat. We put
The threats of exclusion, consciousness and raise their qualification to a great level, “he added. “Also increased our awareness of the threat, he’s a threat and saw it well in recent times,” noted. “We’re mixing it well to the troops.
They knew to look 360 degrees and be vigilant. “

Training reserve battalions will seize the Gaza line drawn smut for a week. Sector training facilities are fully booked 24/7. “This week could do workouts consisting of seven weeks regular, said Lt. Col. Yaron.

The practice focuses on complex and powerful defenses, and prepare the forces for a wide range of scenarios — including the infiltration attack all types of focused and penetrating through the tunnel.  “My training Regiment now editor a much stronger emphasis on protection, specify
Lieutenant Colonel Anwar.  “Work on the pillar, but today. Of course, I’m not neglecting the maneuverability. I make my soldiers all threats, especially threats. We here where soldiers practice marked כ”בימוי enemy” raised from the ground.
By surprise, and the Battalion soldiers thwarted them, “described.

As part of strengthening the defenses, also held preliminary training in collaboration with other land forces under iochpapo Regiment. “Even before my Regiment under armor, infantry troops and engineering, but this time I knew in advance who they have trained with them. Partnering now
Much stronger, “he added.


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