New Commander in Northern Thunder: Colonel Alon madness

טקס החילופים. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Colonel Alon madanes replaces Colonel will score the role. The Commander of the 91st Division “:” we stand at the end of the operation, it predicted.
The type of promo for operational challenges in the sector.

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מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

פיקוד הצפון
חטיבה 300

(Iv) the Exchange ceremony designed control “Thunder” Goren in. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Commander of northern command, General Yair Golan; The Commander of the “decorated General, counters and commanders and Brigade fighters are invited. Colonel Alon madness comes to Chief designed “Thunder, and replace you will score his Colonel who served in the role for the last two years.

Designed “command, Brigadier General the Moni Katz, spoke at the exchanges. “Designed with no operational challenges. We stand at the end of the operation, which predicted in sort of promo for operational challenges in the sector. These operational challenges are challenges Division can because of their commanders, warriors, preparations, exercises and training, “said.
Designed “Commander,” Colonel Thunder score will indicate that “during the past two years, many of our business performance in 9, and teacher training powers
The Division both in look and in war. From the two girls. The first is understanding another day of war “– and what you can do today, when Greece not sure would be
Have another chance tomorrow. II customer is of “Shir lashalom” rotblit wrote:
“Don’t say the day will come, the day” – the 300 for anyone and anything. Think, plan, decide, and with determination and creativity. The responsibility is on our shoulders and we must take advantage of every minute and every resource. No excuses in our profession. “
Designed “Thunder”, Colonel Alon madanes said at the ceremony that “the anti-terrorist Division defence army
For us not to engage Israel in prophecy, but to design a reality. So I want to set the goal of 300 Division in three words: “North” grasslands are.

Life of Colonel specifies:

Colonel indicates will was born in 1975 and joined the Nahal Brigade in 1993.

1993-2000: served as Commander of a brigade operations officer, and company commander in the battalion 701 point of the Division.
2000-2002 – magna cum laude Bachelor’s degree in business administration in ruppin.
2002-2003, he served as Deputy Commander of the Brigade’s battalion 701.
2003-2005, he served as an officer of the אג”ם.
2005-2006 participated in the command class.
2006-2008 – fighting the second Lebanon war as a battalion commander of the 46.
2008-2010-served as Deputy Commander of the Brigade.
2010-2012-served as אג”ם officer of the” designer.
2012-2014 – was designed with “Commander”.

Zion, a resident of Perth, married with three children, a son and an undergraduate degree in business administration will begin upon completion of graduate studies role in homeland security, national security College.

Life of Colonel Alon Madness:

Colonel Alon madness was born in 1976 and joined the paratroopers in 1995.

He served in various command positions in the battalion of paratroopers 161. During his service as the Commander of the company that received a commendation from the OC Central command, Maj. Gen. Yitzhak Eitan, about his activities during operation defensive shield.
1999-2000: served as Commander of the infantry brigade at the officers, in which 1.
2002-2003, he served as Deputy Commander of a battalion of paratroopers 161.
2003-2006 he studied for a Bachelor’s degree in law at Ono Academic College and graduated.
2006-2008-served as אג”ם officer of the paratroopers brigade.
2008-2009-participated in command course.
2009-2010-served as chief weapons companies help in the school of infantry professions.
2010-2012-262 served as battalion commander of the paratroopers brigade.
2012-2014-served as Chief of staff looks for tactical command.

Colonel Alon madanes, Ayalon resident, married with two children and holds an undergraduate degree in law.

Translated from Hebrew