New course will prepare opinion leaders from minority populations to military leadership.

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

The course of education, launched to encourage recruitment in the Bedouin communities, the Muslim and Christian communities in the country. Graduates of the course will be used during emergencies as members
Link to the authorities.

תאריך: 02/02/2014, 17:53    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

מיעוטים בצה”ל
בדואים בצה”ל
חיל חינוך

New project during which devices and influential opinion leaders in private sectors, the Muslim and the Christian, in order to increase the number of recruits in these communities, was held for the first time last month. The course, called “military” leadership course continues.
Two weeks and 26 carefully selected people. “Our goal is to train them.
In order to affect young people in their communities, is IDF recruitment for potential. The intention is to increase the number of recruits for these populations, “explained head immigration and integration in the education and Youth Corps, Lieutenant Colonel carmit Naftali.

On 16 December, opinion leaders 26 passed the haiolle chain and selected enlisted for weeks. “the older people, the degrees hold key positions in their sectors. Among them you can see managers, doctors, engineers and educators, “noted Lieutenant Colonel Naftali. “These people are looking at youth quality to them and takes them example, told IDF site wide control Northern Bedouin populations, major Director Shadi Rahal, who commanded.

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“We chose the people carefully according to rigid criteria. A Committee consisting of senior officers, including the head of populations and the groping, interviewed about 100 people, including about 26 selected opinion leaders ‘ quality, said Maj. Rahal.
Per week
The first course, which was held in the base gadn field in the participants experiences?
And the military service and its meaning. They experienced field, shot gun, heard about the importance of rules and discipline, the underlying values and learn about wind.

In the second week, held in Latrun, the campers had heard lectures and conducted visits to units.
IDF that week met with Director planning and personnel Manager (חתומכ”א), Brigadier General
Gadi Agmon, one of the senior officers in the personnel department.

Advised in times of war, will made for emergencies.

During the two weeks the operation course-task construct and display a baseline for action it will perform in their community to encourage recruitment. At the same time, people also are featured as reservists. Population Manager may invite them to reserve the issue and encourage recruitment to the various sectors of the IDF.

In addition, opinion leaders and emergency function as part of the link to the authorities (easier). “They advised heads of emergency authority and wartime readiness and see
Emergency settlement, “explained Maj. Rahal. To this end, the course underwent a lecture on behalf of the home front command, and will be further training

The course has a similar concept exists, but the new version was more extensive training.
תומכ”א רח”ט, declared that from now on there will be two cycles per year. The course took place in the days feel among the private sector, which most course participants, but went smoothly. “These days the sensitivity increases their need to be a part of Israeli society and contribute to the country in which they live,” noted Lieutenant Colonel Naftali.

“Guest reviews were excellent, and everyone talks about the need for continuity-are additional courses, and further action of the participants to promote the cause. The test will eventually be expanding recruits among minorities in the country, head increase talk and integration.

Translated from Hebrew