New Flight Simulator was launched to “Sky Rider” drones

“רוכב שמיים” בפעולה בשטח. צילום ארכיון.

Coach to the 56th tactical fighters and artillery regiments
Operational activities, will be the first flight in simatoltor-strewn land. Earlier this year picked the powers an upgraded version of the tool

תאריך: 11/04/2013, 14:22    
מחבר: יהונתן שר, מז”י ומערכת אתר צה”ל

כלים בלתי מאויישים
רוכב שמיים

After Ramon camp earlier this year, and the upgrade version 10 “sky ל”רוכב, רוכ”ש unit continues to develop renewable and advanced Flight Simulator too. This is the first flight simulator arm. In a festive ceremony held per week
The past, the main artillery officer Brig. Gen. Roy Riftin, dedicated coach is expected to significantly improve the quality of training. Summer training in the winter, night and day, in a built-up area or open, with tanks, hunted suspects and emergencies. All this without leaving what s.g. and erode real aircraft.

“Sky Rider unit is today at a crossroads in her life,” Col. key Ben Weisman, new רוכ”ש unit headquarters, in his speech. “Thanks coach, team war better. Sky Rider Unit regrets championed the value of professionalism and class, it proves that in practice “. After cutting the Ribbon, the commanders
To check your Simulator. With a counselor, sat in front of the posts with a task of scanning. On the big screen was the luck of קתמ”ר, who began to follow a car that contained a destination. After
I confirmed that the area is free of civilians, has the car and the special effects of the coach managed to impress with smoke rising from the point of impact. “I’m proud of the artillery corps is at the forefront of technological leadership,” said Brig. Gen. Riftin. “רוכ”ש unit is one of the most required. The burden of proof is now producing even better fighters.

So the flying of “Sky Rider”

“Today is an exciting day for me,” she explained with a smile, Simulator officer Deputy Inbal atellan farce, moments before the ceremony. Although the first training will help coach starting in November, Lieutenant atellan farce with the imposing title for almost two years. “I always design and development with training Simulator. Is actually divided into two parts – supports for individual and team level.
It is possible to practice engine failures or GPS, without causing damage to the aircraft, each region within the country or abroad and any possible scenario. The fighters will be more training flights and all these reasons more and more skilled in making decisions under stress.

Earlier this year entered into a new generation of new activity, “October sky” rides. , Developed by wearable tnchologit Division (חט”ל) and the arm weaponry, manufactured by the company” Elbit “. The larger heavy tools from previous versions, and dealing with ghosts and the weather improved. In addition, the communications and observation capabilities.

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