New mtorgmeni pins the courts and video photographers of GoC army headquarters

It established icons and tags in the IDF, after approval of the manpower Directorate, Maj. Gen. Ali love. In addition a new unit tag approved the regiment “98th”

תאריך: 04/12/2013, 15:56    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

ראש אכ”א

Pins, emblems, badges and partnership – unique identification marks, indicating any soldier, from where he belongs, are a hot topic the employer not IDF commanders and soldiers to four months meeting a Special Committee aimed at establish
And which new icons or symbols.

New mtorgmeni pins the courts and video photographers of GoC army headquarters

“The units arrive and present the proposal and necessary before the Committee, and we check every request to the body,” Government and discipline head, Lt.-Col. Oren Avraham who heads the Committee. “The requests are being examined in Committee, if they meet the criteria and they rise
אכ”א head for approval,” he added.

Between 7-10 suggestions are uploaded every Convention, and proposed requests before the Committee assembled Thursday in November to six proposals approved by the Division. “The Committee consists
All relevant bodies “, said Lieutenant Colonel Avraham. Sitting between representatives of the technological and Logistics Directorate (אט”ל), Center (a), the information security Department, history department and responsible for drawing the icons.

Among the innovations, this time it is only new tag “torch” Regiment, the battalion “98th, which rely on the Division tag (which inter alia the unit Magellan), but
Unique to the Regiment is similar to contact other battalions in the divisions. The battalion was a reserve unit with little power, but it is now and regular battalion was the request
Unique tag.

New mtorgmeni pins the courts and video photographers of GoC army headquarters

Apprentice program “Psagot” program of the academic route, under the authority of the WAFA (the development of weapons and technological infrastructure) Security Office for outstanding engineers, confirmed new partnership with go during training. The chutepot will be green, blue stripe and a red stripe.

Also a request for training new mask will be granted for completion of a course in producing the videos (training in the field of technology) of GoC army headquarters, a training body in the field. Soldiers who are most talented profession throughout the army, and the mask that includes sword and olive leaves, camcorder, our them. The mask will be granted at the end of a defensive vigilance in the air force confirmed, too, after that was canceled in 2003. A new button will have a different design from the old staple, but this design has not been determined.

Added training mask approved by head of manpower, tand by interpreters
A military court in Judea, it will at the end of the training. At the end of the occupation training
It’s the soldiers embedded with all the military courts and unique role and therefore approved mask.
That will differentiate them, include the balance of the Mag, and the two sides – face people. In addition, approved only 906 Regiment mask (Foxy Hanegev) of isalm junior high school (the school lives), in which the talented live far divisions wore pins remaining regiments in the Division, and now ‘ Negev in rats.

Translated from Hebrew