New popular command sets: Sammy pizzotiot. out of bounds.

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IDF Sayeret Matkal to reformulate an unprecedented way worsen the enforcement
And punishment in relation pizzotiot ל”סמי” beyond the law “in drug law:” hazardous materials that harm the functioning “

תאריך: 18/03/2014, 15:41    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

The IDF continues to fight the scourge of drugs, also against new old front-Sammy
The synthetic materials pizzotiot, sold in kiosks and serve young people as an alternative to drugs.

Materials such as bsoton, ‘ Mr nice guy ‘, and many other stolon, renewed and modified fast, they challenge the new stands in front of law enforcement, and the military when it comes to drug offenses.

“These more dangerous substances from cannabis, and resemble the effects of drugs.
They cause hallucinations and functioning problems. What is even more dangerous is that we don’t know what’s inside. Those elements hands individual, and are never tested on humans “, who served until recently as head of the military prosecution in the first, major 1 Beaver.

The use and distribution of the State of Israel are anchored in law, “dangerous drugs Ordinance”-a document containing a great drug banned chemical compounds. Synthetic drugs differ in their chemical compounds from each other, and the entry of new materials to the market will always be higher than updating the law. The State of Israel, enacted to deal with the problem, by allowing the confiscation of these materials and applying prohibition,
Relatively fast, distributed.

Army soldiers, as citizens, are subject to both the rules and placed the indictments against soldiers charged with offences relating to drugs. However, the IDF has not settled for a permanent prohibition of the distribution of these materials. In an effort to enforce
And prohibit the use of pizzotiot and ב’סמי troops entry-IDF bases in a few weeks.
Close a new elite commando unit about to enter into force. The IDF is planning to issue a warrant to arrest popular entry of these drugs to IDF bases or used in military circumstances. It can be run against the soldiers who use synthetic materials in a disciplinary procedure and prosecute criminal charges, where applicable “, said Maj. Bieber.

“Any use of a substance that is known to be dangerous offence”

On the command line the Vice Chief of staff, and in the process, conducted a year, personnel wing and advocate. The judge advocate general, Maj. Gen. Danny Efroni, already signed the new order, and now she is in the final certification. “No command determined that the advertising material in public as causing symptoms similar to those caused as a result of the use of dangerous drugs, is enough to set as material must not be introduced to IDF bases, meaning any substance known in public as a hazardous material, and influences are similar to the effects of dangerous drugs, which would be a felony,” said Maj. Bieber.

Drug offenses in General, are a disturbing phenomenon of enforced in hardware. As mentioned, over half of the cases in which the Attorney General’s Office, which are related to desertions or transport, dealing with the subject. In 2013 370 indictments were filed relating to the use and possession of drugs (drug agents ב’פקודת) and refusing to be tested for drug discovery, and 18 indictments for drug trafficking. Stable trend in recent years.

Most of the indictments concerning drug cannabis, disposable can get up to one month in prison. Offence, the amount of drug substance, type and other variables can raise the sentence to a few months of imprisonment. Conviction of an offence of refusing to be tested can end a sentence between two weeks to three weeks in jail. The maximum penalty the law mounted for drug trafficking is 20 years imprisonment.

Offences relating to narcotics offenses in relation to other offences unique, because it is the only domain even if the offence was committed by a soldier in civilian circumstances.
Altogether, he will be judged and be brought to justice within. “If the robbery is carried by non-uniformed soldier during, nor of the use of military weapons, Israel will take care of it. But no drug offenses, for two reasons-the selling of the drug indicates that if used as part of a citizen may make use of the framework.
In addition, the effect of the drug lasts for long, so even if consumed outside the military, the effect could continue even when the soldier returned to base, “explained Maj. Bieber.

Translated from Hebrew