New program will strengthen Ethiopian integration in 30 different units


Most units are Ethiopian immigrants serving in the Israel Defense Forces commanders of units to reduce the percentage of impairment, the Committee focuses on three
Circles: commanders, soldiers and families

תאריך: 17/02/2014, 15:41    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

מיעוטים בצה”ל

The Ethiopian population in Israel Defense Forces there are now low rate
High service. As a result, we decided advance manpower Division, Maj. Gen. Ali love, population and promotion reducing the targeted departments. Among the many activities carried out include new program development education and Youth Corps, implemented 30 units throughout the army, which serves about 70 percent of the IDF Committee’s purpose is to provide appropriate training for officers dealing with soldiers from this population, and to promote them during the service.

“We believe that the chshmshkiaim commanders, who have extensive influence circles can make a difference. If investors, it infiltrates all levels up to soldiers, רמ”ד integration branch immigration and social integration, major Svetlana Kagan. “When commanders knew and known in the world of nature, they handle them better. The guiding principle is the Commander affects the soldier, so if he could absorb it correctly-the soldiers themselves do not have to spend or invest at a lower level, “explained.

The program is tailored individually to each of the 30 selected units. The program includes combat units, combat support units and back-end units scattered all across the country, and therefore must be unique and match the nature of the activities
Of each. “A fighter unit, training activities needed to plan appropriate characterizations. For example, because it cannot reach a planned tour in the neighborhood where many Ethiopian life bring her neighborhood, clarified major Kagan.

New program will strengthen Ethiopian integration in 30 different units

Among the spoken units you can see all the divisions outright lived bound
And 98th. The program also included the school of military engineering (HAL) and school (in isalm), base Tel NOF air force base, technical
The Israeli air force.

Over 2014 will these units will continuously, and almost every month there will be a designated activity. Each of the 30 units exist Symposium preliminary to indicate the beginning of the process, which will be invited all commanders of the unit. On this day the commanders itouda, properties and pass a unique workshop that will show him the complexities of Ethiopian population in Israel and the IDF.

After the first day of a variety of units, activities that will depending on needs. Activities include an educational tour in Ethiopian, petitions for making house calls, commanders Saturday, visiting the soldiers in the unit and more many other activities. In addition, each unit will indicate this year 30 years operation, we help
The Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

Hoping to reduce the service deficiencies almost completely

Additional activities included under this project in the company of brothers. ”
Where are the officers and NCOs now כ’מנטורים ‘ son. During the program
Throughout the year and assimilate and encourage the participation of soldiers in this project. “If each of us officers and non-commissioned officers, work as Commander and taking part in the project of civil commitment mentors affect integration of Ethiopian”, a major sponsor, Kagan.

Plan 30 units in three circles. The first circle is the circle of commanders, which is the focus of the project. The principle behind it is based on the fact that the population and providing information to commanders will deal properly with the soldier.

The second deals with soldiers, which begins prior to arrival to training units, including special courses and basic training base overseas. The main principle is to support and care for detail continuously throughout the service. “This is a combination of the melting pot approach and multiculturalism-access initially, differences training suitable for integration
Later, specified רמ”ד integration. So basically the task is concurrently the commanders are ready for absorption, and the soldiers will come after proper training.

The third circle is a circle. In addition to training commanders for house calls.
The parents of soldiers are invited to themselves in order to reveal to the world of children.
In addition, the education and Youth Corps recently launched גדנ”ע to Ethiopian parents-that allows them to meet in life.

The education and Youth Corps optimistic about the engagement of the projects
The question. “We hope to see results within a year to a year and a half. Units must undergo in order to absorb the commanders of the Ethiopian soldiers are human beings. The goal is to minimize impairments, and we desire to downloaded until reset service impairment unit, summarized the social integration רמ”ד

Translated from Hebrew