New reform improves treatment of vegan soldiers

צילום: דובר צה”ל

The army also came to veganism: free entrance to the dining room in obtaining military equipment fitted and changing the terms of recognition as a vegan || The number of vegans in the military doubled in the past two years.

תאריך: 24/10/2014, 11:00    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

Vegans in the IDF, said goodbye to red tape: free admission to the military facilities, military equipment fitted nihil and relief in recognition of the soldier as vegan, entered into force a few months ago for a new command. The changes resulted from an increase in the number of soldiers the vegans, a new consumption areas.

If before entering the dining room was banned on soldiers since they are vegans get Demi Economics (דמ”כ), used them to buy food that suits your lifestyle,
Now they can go and eat at the dining room at all. So far, the assumption was that the dining rooms do not meet needs of veganism, but not taken into account the fact that the order violates the sheichotho the unit is forced to miss a key part of its ahovi. In fact, the decision to change was made following multiple complaints from soldiers checked vegans dining by military commanders.

Also in terms of sampling the adjustments made in order to ease the service for vegan troops. Today, a vegan is entitled to non-wool beret and shoes are made of leather, as the goal is not to have them wear the equipment against their faith. If in the past to get the vegan took the soldiers to regulate the currently recognized as vegans-enough statement that day. “Now all of the declarant at the draft because he’s vegan getting the proper equipment, as specified in the call to the IDF website public inquiries officer managed the staff work, Lt. Col. Lenny Milo. “Even if it has not yet been officially recognized, or in his absence the form confirming that was recognized as a vegan.”

New reform improves treatment of vegan soldiers

As mentioned above, because of the increased amount of vegans also in demand for vegan shoes and chmothot above, to increase production significantly. This is actually the first regular sweeping disciplinary procedures and sampling to vegan.
Because vegan beret comes in green and black colors, requires soldiers to use incompatible beret you send affiliations, and therefore requires a special permit.

Another change is making the process as easy vegan soldier.
Instead of visiting the House, notary and signing many documents to get approval today need only phone interview with s. ת”ש and signature control. “We understand that the old process was long, complicated and bureaucratic,” Lt. Col. Patrick Adams. “We came to the conclusion that should clean up procedures and explain what we provide them so that they can manage their lifestyle.”

Who is vegan?

The decision to promote the issue came as a result of numerous references to public inquiries centre, which received many inquiries from prospective citizens, the permanent and obligatory and reservists. “We like to say that the IDF is a reflection of Israeli society. The number of vegans in the population doubled in the past two years–and that is reflected also in the army, Lt. Col. Milo. “We realized that the issue just received cross-
Many references and realized it was a trend on the rise, not compatible with the commands “.

She said that at the time there was no organized command for vegans in the IDF and their rights. “We need to respond to everyone. Also reserve 40 man who decided to switch to a vegan lifestyle Manager still wants to serve and contribute, but he can no longer wear shoes as military. ” Accordingly, alongside the new policy required apply on reserve soldiers.

The change is actually also the definition of “who is a vegan. In the past there was no system check
The appearance that the soldier is a vegan, and the procedure will allow a soldier’s vegan systems check, like a lone soldier. To facilitate the implementation of the deductions will command and training staffs to ת”ש Internet site and distributed the information among the relevant bodies.

The process does not stop, and the large effects of Israeli society will lead to further changes to the future. The next step, which is in test, is nutrition for vegans. The change will be affected by the proposed law is currently in test and submitting to her vegan workplaces, like the vegetarian there today.
“If this law passes at some point, is also embedded in the army and we make the necessary adjustments,” stressed Lt. Col. Milo.

Translated from Hebrew