New study: soldiers undergoing a course completion of education-want more jobs.

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

New research in the education and Youth Corps found that soldiers who have undergone תג”ת course improve academic sichoiinam and safer in achieving their goals

תאריך: 26/03/2014, 14:58    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

חיל החינוך והנוער

Study: soldiers who participated in the completion of education during military service wants more jobs after the liberation. That compared with soldiers who did not participate
In this course, although the gap in terms of number of employed in the economy of the two groups is not high.
It arises out of research in education and Youth Corps, completed programs
Education gives the soldiers. The study was designed to examine the effects of the long and short of the completed program 11-12 years of schooling during the course תג”ת (high school diploma). Is carried out in collaboration with the research authority at the Levinsky, together with Prof. Hanna, Prof. afshin Declaration and Dr. Rachel Sagi.

New study: soldiers undergoing a course completion of education-want more jobs.

The study examined the opinions of two target groups – soldiers doing compulsory military service, and troops released before three to five years. Each divided into two groups: those who chose to participate in the course, and a control group comprising soldiers who found the target, and they chose not to participate in the program. “This is the first time that the IDF research editor education, and for me it’s an important milestone,”
Head immigration and integration in the education and Youth Corps, Lieutenant Colonel carmit Naftali.
“There’s some meaningful learning, which enables us to reinforce the occupation in the area. It strengthens
Also the IDF’s place as militiamen: as not only receive, but also to civil society, higher skills and the potential to integrate better citizens, “she added.

The study was designed to gather evidence on the effect of participation in a course at the civil integration alive in the long run, and to learn about the reasons that affect
Soldiers attend a course or to give it up in the short term.

Course completion of education promotes academic integration

The study group examined 415 soldiers who completed a course in school תג”ת 5772-תשע”ג and 84 duty soldiers were invited to the Conference and signed him relinquishing their right to participate in the program. As members of this group were asked about their perception of the future expected
They found that youngsters who choose to complete 11-12 years high school have significantly higher belief that they can find a job, and they can achieve that position, which was renounced this right.
The research group of the soldiers
Released (which included 100 70 תג”ת course graduates who chose to give it up) is that the gap between the percentage of members who choose to participate in a course and those who don’t, which is currently employed. The findings of that number of soldiers who have completed education course during their service and continue to grow those citizenship chose not to pass the course.
The most pronounced difference refers to subjects relating to the workplace.
At תג”ת bespoke course graduates that they are satisfied with their jobs, compared to the control group. In addition, many of them testified that they are engaged in work on her dream. This is compatible with the future of the group, and a uniform trend among today’s former Butler. “We are seeing the difference that most program graduates more than goats, and places that interest them. These parameters indicate a significant influence of the course “, רמ”ד research and development (r & d) in the education and Youth Corps, Maj. Noa Azoulay.

Among the most significant factors for decision-making: parents

Meanwhile, these characters are tested the most significant duty soldiers as they face the decision to undergo a course of significant characters תג”ת were parents. “It is interesting to see that parents are a factor in the decision. It makes us think of a target population of potential parents to contact her, “noted major azulai. It also found that more significant factors in the selection are commanders and members of the unit.
Another interesting finding suggests that there is a high percentage of fighters from among participants of תג”ת, a relatively high percentage of soldiers in the rear. “We try to explain it, this finding can be attributed to the fact that lgoramim
In the big impact on warfare. The connection with the Commander of a combat unit is strong.
“רמ”ד, d.

The education and Youth Corps indicate that a significant in making the Corps.
“We understand now that the lkors long-term effect. Most successful participants in the course, but encouraging to see that future results is that participants are getting stronger in self-belief and capable, “claimed Maj. azulai.  “We will use the study to strengthen our activities in the army against soldiers and commanders,” added Lieutenant Colonel Naftali.

Translated from Hebrew