New techniques are making the military doctors into war in Lebanon forest

השתלמות הרפואה בצפון, שבוע שעבר. צילום: גל לירן, דו”ץ

As part of building the capabilities to confront Hezbollah, which tries to bring the maximum amount of casualties as part of his fighting, northern command special day display practices medicine, some of which are based on special units: “the reality has changed.”

תאריך: 12/11/2013, 11:32    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

פיקוד הצפון

The medicine of northern command displays: new and creative methods to provide medical assistance, based on the latest intelligence in Lebanon.

These methods include new measures some of which are drawn directly from the warehouse advanced units, exposed last week in front of senior practitioners and commanders in the northern sector. For this purpose the designated training base training command (a) Elyakim, Commander of the Central Command Major General Yair Golan, senior and mid-level healthcare unfolds.

The study can focus on dealing with the challenges in the medical sector.
The difficulty that matgle when rescue and evacuation of injured people in a thicket, and underground tunnels, that characterize the spinner fighting in Lebanon. In addition, intelligence and operational analyses reviews to present, senior officials in command.

During the study, called the stage best commanders and doctors serving in the IDF.
“The course is designed to refine the coping of medical forces during the maneuver, which is a critical means to act,” said the Northern Corps Commander, Gen. Noam Tibbon, in discussion with the site.

Infantry officer and paratrooper (קחצ”ר), Brigadier General Adam, and introduced the concept as for the medicine. “The role of medical forces is injured and evacuation, serving the scene to follow victory over the enemy,” he told the website.
“The duty of caregivers is to reinforce the courage of the fighters, with a high level of treatment.
They should also assist in lowering the treatment burden Commander over the shoulders and left free to combat it. “

Hezbollah doctrine requires skilled medical value

“This training is very important to raise qualification of medicine, because the reality is changing, as the enemy,” noted the Chief Medical Officer, Brig. Gen. Itzik Kreis, in conversation with IDF website and medical forces formed since a central pillar in the effort to combat, but in light of recent developments in the operating concept of the Hezbollah, despite growing importance.

According to recent estimates, Hezbollah
The approach adopted multiple casualties — which holds that underbelly of the Israeli public
Her inability to absorb a large number of victims in the building. Therefore, the Organization will focus on turning damage to human life, as a method of action.

For this kind of fighting, Hezbollah is in many ways by using rockets with an emphasis
For accuracy, reach ranges farther; Providing intense barrage several times in the past, will also include Central and South, thus will involve them in the fight for the first time directly;  And attack operations capabilities including adoption experience in Syria, which will give him a wider movement gym.

When you look at these threats as a whole, one can understand the huge importance and have a crucial role to IDF’s ability to handle effectively and quickly pzzoaio. Must take into account his/her Kupat necessary, if the above should estimates against Israel, will be much more acute. This requires strong infrastructure and practice of doctors and paramedics, who knew your way around well in the Lebanon.

-Extraction from the bowels of the Earth

Frequent mention of Lebanon in underground warfare.
This is because since the second Lebanon war, before Hezbollah to operate out of pits and tunnels in the Earth. Therefore, the medical forces of northern command took it upon themselves to find an efficient method for extraction of wounded from the bowels of the Earth. “We don’t expect the doctor enter tunnel to treat the wounded. It makes no sense, and could jeopardize the doctor unnecessarily, “explained the medical command Commander (Dr.), Colonel Dr. maddening.
“On the other hand, we must find a method of extracting sure to those with heavy bleeding or fractures,” he added.

The method selected, as appropriate, from section טג”ח (surf rescue type) of the counter terrorist unit. This is a device that has several parts: long spine Board as owners of injured spinal cord, rope and pulley devices-secure so you can leave a notice
Just in case you need to free up your hands. “Regarding the possibility of acquiring such measures included in company level”, said Colonel Badr.

However, until it is decided whether or not to purchase it, no forces remain empty-handed rescue capacity. “There are also methods that are accessible today without special measures, the Mr.

New techniques are making the military doctors into war in Lebanon forest

When maneuvering in Lebanon will find themselves in complex areas forces; This is a woodland so intertwined, it’s impossible to go where, to evacuate wounded
While fighting. “There are two methods we have chosen one is carrying one-on-one with armed bands motirot your hands free to fight,” said the IDF site רמ”ד training in medicine, major Saba Saba, which was a major factor in building the course.
“The second method is to use alonkat fabric,” he added.

Alonkat, the most widely used today, found less effective in describing it “because it drags on at shoulder level, thus dragging bodies don’t provide him protection canopy from branches and twigs in a thicket,” explained Mr. “We also tried other such ninihan winders of 669 rescue unit 669 free, but they were less effective,” said the site.


Translated from Hebrew