New tool in fight against underground tunnels.

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In the E-store 344 gets into using p company of the Corps. Travel speed of about 5 mph and ability up to 6.5 meters excavation make space needs embodiment bager

תאריך: 07/09/2014, 07:56    
מחבר: תומר מאיר, זרוע היבשה

זרוע היבשה
הנדסה קרבית

In recent months, began carrying troops (heavy equipment) pikodies to use a new kind of new, advanced far in E-store-349.
Dredge came into use carrying squads of combat engineering corps in the various sectors, with a focus on southern command. Dredge in usage is for exposing underground infrastructure,
Demolition, excavation and fortifications. The meaning and most important tool: combating terror tunnels underground.

Dredge is capable of digging in hard ground and high power, capable of work.
And in the field. The maximum speed is 4.7 kilometres an hour.
And can dig to a depth of up to 6.5 metres. In addition, installed new front camera, making him the first army units capable. In addition, before a special protection in order to prepare it for use in the Gaza Strip. “There is a very clear rule that says when I protect, I control the area,” explains רמ”ד and צמ”ה in the combat engineering corps, Maj. Abdul, “without this tool live forces and armour will not be able to get into enemy territory. The next maneuver as they arrive to the border and wait whose the bulldozer coming and will shoot them.

Urgent need for new IDF service can be seen in the short process of purchase.
Within four months of receiving the decision tools were already on their way to Israel, one of the deals.
Speed in history. “he’s the quintessential bager area needs,” says he, “Maj. arann what should, what is the threat and how we deal with it. Today, almost all the threats in decrees require צמ”ה tool.

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