New training enhance cyber defense sector


A special course officers will prepare ground for cyber technology and “Cyber shield” receives unique content to deal with changes in the field: “assume that attackers are trained and work away to deal with it.”

תאריך: 20/01/2014, 10:26    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אגף התקשוב


Strengthen the cyber world:
This week, for the first time opened a special training on Cyber protection to officers of arms. Simultaneously, February pass course in cyber shield, the tcshovi class.
Soldiers from device from 2012 to be the first line of defense against the enemy in cyberspace, a number of changes.

“We have assembled the officers ranks Lieutenant and major commanders of cyber defenders, a variety of areas, primarily operational and operational amarchim of the various arms of the IDF,” explained
Cyber רמ”ד at the school of computer science (second semester), major j. “Our goal is to update the commanders in innovations and updates in this space, allowing them to make better personnel serving under them.

A central element to appear in class commanders and also a cyber defenders, is the intelligence picture of cyber space. “We require a cyber shield and cyber officer to understand the threat to the State of Israel in this area,” explains Cyber רמ”ד, who the major players are, what their combat doctrine and the relationships between the various hostile elements.”

Cyber shield 2.0 course

The Cyber course open
In February, new content and upcoming contains dedicated protection issues in cyberspace.
“When we were building the first course were looking for a suitable solution to the cyber threat, thus practicing existing courses content. Now we’re getting into version 2 of course such Islamist websites number a lot.
For work of cyber shield and the changing threats in the ring, she herself changes frequently, “he explains.

As in any one sector, in the cyber world technology development pace is fast,
Cyber protectors now will more talented professional courses including during their service with all new threats emerge or technology. However, major j. Emphasizes that the most influential factor, ultimately, is not modern technology but human resources. “Technology is helping but is not the one that brings solutions,” he explains.
“We need people with a twist, with creative thinking – people who know the identity of what is wrong in the picture shown. We’re going assume that offenders who experienced front and we need people who know how to handle the whole threat we face “.

Translated from Hebrew