“Next generation” group: Adjutant Corps redefines the cultivation of young officers

A unique project set out to locate the most promising junior officers
– And to advanced and gates to long-range service routes, up to senior positions

תאריך: 28/04/2014, 17:00    

How make officers-an entity’s future commanders Adjutant Corps? A unique project, set out under the heading “next generation” group, whose role is to train junior officers to senior positions in the command track long-term.

“The idea behind the project is to find officers at as their first or second captain, we are identifying them force already at this stage potential for permanent service with significant roles in the Adjutant Corps,” explained head of personnel in the force, Lieutenant Colonel Joe Weiss. “I mean we need to have a major role in site one who goes on his path to core roles, such as an entity of Divisional Officer or Brigade Commander of the recruiting center.

The first cycle of the project, 33 young officers of the regular force: arrays, ת”ש, and injured reserve, concludes the first year and successful. A month ago, for the second cycle, and 38 new officers elected to join the project. The Committee, once a year, examines quality criteria, reviews and ratings, as well as soldiers refer to the service and the service is far from here on as the young officer watching himself if he does not wish to continue the service set is suitable for the program, but if it is a promise that I want to leave with hideous, and if the officer is not sure about his future — appends the same in order to encourage to continue in service.

Free discussions with senior staff

“This is a very classy team that already at this stage is over the rest and its potential can be seen right now,” said Lt. Col. Weiss. Each group
Meets once every three months. A show like this could be the day, Symposium, strengthening leadership activities and excursions. Last year the group value the rest of old two-tour in the North, and the day itself in Lod, Ramle market where experience pikodies, dilemmas of dealing in the field everyday challenges. These unusual experiences
Rewarding the members of the Group and qualifying them to be better controls.

In addition to its meetings, members of the next generation are invited to the event staff
The Marine Corps, such as ethics and work programme. “These meetings members contribute as senior faculty, they offer ideas and thinking that they bring with them. In the end, they also donated very senior staff meeting-to attach them. They are very excited about this and as a result of mixing are looking on, want to contribute and want to move forward, “claimed רמ”ד in personnel Adjutant Corps.

But this group significantly more than those meetings alone. the platform between the Group and Bush, who first surprised the organizers of the show, is one of the strongest and most positive effects. “The significant thing is their meeting among themselves. They share ideas and inspire each other even across the frame.
It’s something that surprise us in the beginning and today looks natural, “she added.

ז”י Vice ketzinat in command, Lieutenant Aish, one of the first officers of the project, attests to that. “The program gave me a darn!, wrote me.
The land and the sense of mission and relevance. Every workshop we took anything to serve us, and the program has cultivated the empathy and help relations, hailit
To think about the future, “she says. “Call us Commander and humour to the following. But it really is. “

Despite the layoffs, retain the outstanding officers

The IDF is facing a significant process of reducing permanent early and goodbye to the many officers and non-commissioned officers. The goal is clear–to preserve the most outstanding officers and develop a system based on high-quality personnel. But the way: citizenship roles often tempt many of them young, and release of officers leaving the young staff with a lack of clarity about their future. The new project aims to meet the challenge and leave the army news worthy.

Adjutant Corps Meanwhile pleased with progress of the project, and data charges. “99 percent of the officers of the first cycle continue to service the core roles”, head of project 21 ‘s success led to the launch of a new program, similar but different, for resistors. In June, the first Committee will convene soon to test resistors to attach them.
To the next generation. These two resistors will be three their first permanent service
And when will ensure a permanent service. “We chose resistors that we see them as such to keep core roles. There are excellent we see here them, and we want you to stay with us, “stressed El Hierro.

Adjutant Corps while pioneers in this type of project, but it seems that the formula works and feels hope they will serve as a model for other troops. In a few years, when shnstakl on the main places commanders in the force, all values, the project initiators hope to find the officers. “I want it to be a project that will continue for years and makes the team. In a few years, I hope to see them in my job.
The following kshl, or centrally controls our next recruitment, “said Lt. Col. Weiss.
“Urges all troops to do this project with the understanding that we are in an era that requires us to keep the best people, talk with us.

Translated from Hebrew