North OC: “we need to help the North to stay quiet.”

צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Things said Golan champion at the Memorial Yom hazikaron annual Lebanon War II, stressing that “we have to prepare, to the operational infrastructure and train the troops.”

תאריך: 19/08/2014, 21:27    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל


The annual memorial ceremony for victims of the second Lebanon war was held today (Tuesday) in Mount Memorial. The ceremony took place in the presence of the Commander of northern command, General Yair Golan, head of the manpower Directorate, Maj. Gen. Ali love and bereaved families.

Oscar Champ referring to the security situation on the northern border. “Syria civil war continues to rage in black. Stability in Lebanon and so on, “said the champion. “Quite a few times in recent months otgrano shooting flat trajectory and steep.
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“We must prepare for the operational database infrastructure, train the troops, to train
Brave hearts and sharpen the curious mindset, “said the Commander of northern command.
“The North will continue to be quiet, and beautiful, but we have to help him do it-professional tuning exercise simulates reality, honest and responsible exam the Act level in the army and home alike.

The second Lebanon war began in the summer of 2006, with the abduction of two soldiers, and lasted 34 days during IDF forces fighting against Hezbollah fell approximately 121 soldiers.

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