Northern command Commander presented certificates of appreciation to the officers who helped end

האלוף גולן מעניק את התעודות, אתמול. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Gen. Yair Golan, granted certificates to officers who assisted during the great storm of December: “the civil sector needs us in times of emergency.”

תאריך: 01/09/2014, 20:54    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

The Commander of northern command, Gen. Yair Golan, has given today (Wednesday) recognitions and the officers and soldiers who were willing to help Northern communities during the storm that reigned in Israel last month. The solemn ceremony was held yesterday at the command headquarters Beit hameiri Museum in SaFED.

During the storm, reached the IDF besieged and overrun assistance to other communities in the North. Among other things, helped the soldiers distributing food and heating. He also extracted using נגמ”שים citizens, where it takes a complex rescue.” The citizen sector know well swim this river five times during their lives and peace, but needed us in times of emergency, “explained the champion.

Among the recipients of the cards: major Ariel Glickman, רמ”ד in command engineering unit, which was responsible for the evacuation routes leading to the Safed; Chief Col. rear living Edri, who was reared general coordination with the civilian sector; Maj. Billy Harel, head of construction, and of course the duty Commander, Col. Tamir routine training.

Other units which are specified in the certificate of appreciation commendation: command engineering unit, Commander of the camp, and the construction unit.

Translated from Hebrew