On success: the IDF tanks celebrate 60 years in power.

שישים שנות פלדה ואש. צילום ארכיון

Center for rehabilitation and maintenance at Tel Hashomer’s legacy dinner held the carriage and just control the factory: “ensure that the magic happens every day will continue to be held for State security”

תאריך: 09/06/2013, 12:24    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

In the Centre of rehabilitation and maintenance at Tel Hashomer held last week for the first time on the eve of the heritage carriage and armoured fighting vehicle (רק”ם), specify
Three major events on the timeline: 60 years of the establishment of the tanks, 40 years
The departure of the Merkava tank production line and the first 10 years of the unification and the only coach to follow — the chariot and only.

The evening was headed by head of the technological and Logistics Directorate, Gen. Kobi Barak, and was also attended by רמ”ט
אט”ל, Brig. Gen. Nehemia Sokal; Res. champion amiase sagis, who served in the past as אט”ל;
See Technology Division of GoC army headquarters, Brig. Gen. Robin life; See tank Development Director Brigadier General, Baruch succeeds; Brig. Gen. Avigdor Kahalani, ret.; The Centre of the Panel factory; Managers, employees and volunteers and their families. “The factory accumulated dozens of large-scale activity in man. During all the wars Israel tripled and doubled the strength of the IDF, “said Commander of the chassis and the only Lieutenant Colonel Alex live. “The plant is a national strategic infrastructure, and this evening we cherish the work of employees and officers of the past and present. We guarantee that the magic happens every day will continue to exist for the security of the State. “

Established a diverse exhibition that displayed all its weapons only and they were right for the last 60 years – with the help of the Sherman tank defeated Arab armies in IDF war of independence to coach Mark 4 anti-aircraft and in recent years, new technologies entered the Centre carriage line was upgraded significantly, so that we can do more with less, “explained Colonel, Commander Sattar, who has also commanded the chariot and just” looking toward the future, we plan the North Center Where the infrastructure will be improved considerably and new technologies will be introduced.

The Center is one of the world’s leading enterprises to manufacture tanks.

Senior commanders in the past and the present, noted at the ceremony the importance of technology produced in right and a battlefield.
Gen. Kobi Barak, said that “as a man who served many years in armor divisions, including as Commander of an armored brigade, I can say I’m a happy customer of the Sun also.
The functioning of the Sun which existed during operation ‘ pillar ‘, when I ordered the Center as אט”ל while the operation removed dozens of links to past conference areas, and kept on the service only.

On success: the IDF tanks celebrate 60 years in power.

General Barak at the legacy

Main engineering, Brig. Gen. Yossi Morley, an innovative project in the field only.
“Over the past few years could lead to a significant project for the armor Corps, bulldozers involved in operational missions,” said.

The principal development head
Welcome tank General, revealed that the Sun is one of the five leading their factories production capacity tank. We look to the future and plan to produce together with you the only IDF’s future. “

The evening also revealed the Medal of the carriage and on the medal designed icons representing 60 years of making the steel shell welding craft, along with resurfacing. Following are the the only speakers tanks manufactured in the factory. In a legacy of Gen. mentioned RES Israel Tal (tlik), which is considered to be the father of the Merkava tank and commanded the project started; And Colonel Res. yehiam harpaz, who served in tank development authority and died of the disease earlier this year.

Translated from Hebrew