On the armoured personnel carrier, Safed

After 24 hours the most intensity of Safed and surrounding areas, soldiers and officers of other operational activities on assistance to citizens, far from borders

תאריך: 15/12/2013, 11:28    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

חורף 2013-2014

Logistics Officer of 91st Division, Lt. Col. Ronen Cohen, several IDF website on operational routine of the past few days under the fierce winter storm, Crimson and operational assistance to civil authorities and side to rescue officials.

Lieutenant Colonel Cohen said that already in the early morning hours of Saturday, several teams are stationed to help civilian readings. “No soldier complained, despite the cold and it warmed my heart and pride fighting to see the soldiers and commanders who take these jobs,” says Lieutenant Colonel Smith.

“The storm caught us unprepared. We have been in contact with all units and detached shlprkim-power generators have stream stationed there were no supply problems.
Lieutenant Colonel Cohen noted that refueling vehicles, radiators and heating bags were distributed
The soldiers and take over 20 tons of salt.

As part of the civil tasks, notes Lt. Col. Cohen that u.s. forces transferred generators and heating bags to hold under the settlement avivim. Some families, he says, were moved to Tiberias, but some remaining elderly instead, due to a medical condition, by IDF forces put them into electricity using generators.

“Safed was showing worrying, as wintry battleground, it’s the best way to describe it,” says, “mostly because of abandoned cars, empty streets, blocked the mashed potato on the road and electricity poles collapsed and power too. Everything was dark. “It was a challenge, but an armored personnel carrier passed everything.
The civilians looked confused, anxious families.

Mm h operational battalion “sword”, second lieutenant Eddie Saleh, not easy to wait 24 hours.
The past two years. “Yesterday we jumped from driving under biranit snow and overflow.
It began with a briefing on the police station and were on their feet, digging out people stuck.
I think I’d on 30 homes so far, and more. Most of the work was around the rescue of people who couldn’t get hospital and handicapped who needed immediate assistance. “

Saleh says that significant extraction of month-old baby with suspected hypothermia. “It was complicated, especially because she was on the second floor and the stairs were filled with snow,” he says, “all nonessential personnel to provide medical assistance to child. The ambulance could not get to her house and we opened it and forces d axis. It was really exciting, we were able to get there, and I saw that residents added confidence in our arrival “.

“There were a lot of people that they couldn’t warm up from the cold, we divided cases upon cases of bags heating,” added Saleh, “it showed me how we work for the people beyond the borders, security guard, I never thought before that I lead APC’s ride in the snow between Safed and can see the recognition so closely. The moment I saw them all the tiredness was forgotten me. “

Translated from Hebrew