One rocket, three seconds, dozens of lives saved

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In the face of rockets aimed at Israel, alphyn towards Israeli air defense forces perfecting day and night-technology systems and human capabilities.
It seems a special Cadet Training Tower just before sending a boat to protect commanders
The House.

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מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

חיל האוויר
קורס קצינים

In the reference scenario comprised the Chief described by 2025,
The campaign begins with accurate missile towards the Joint Chiefs to hurt the heart of the campus.
Later he added the scenario descriptions of firing volleys of missiles, a very high level of errors to the population towards. As such shtrachishim the construction design of the IDF, it is clear that the air defense system becomes a significant pillar in future battles on Israel security.  IDF website join hailit today in the completion of the air defence Cadet and peek at the next generation of the system changed.

Air leadership

The Chief command in anti-air, chadia, Lieutenant Colonel father seemed pleased when the cadets are facing the mission hosted them.
Once you have the education needed to locate the devices and activate their subordinates so
That within seconds can declare ready to open fire.

The exercise is the final chapter in the training completion completion-hailit practice in party control of a Patriot battery, anti-aircraft weapons and ballistic missiles, called in Hebrew “diamond”.

One rocket, three seconds, dozens of lives saved

Lt. Col. avi chadia, during exercise. Photo: Wolf ramrstein, IDF spokesperson

Chadia shsa emulates a character array, Commander emphasizes three important points to have – professionals, leadership and character. “The Commander not only need to know how to deal with difficulties
The environment produces is also needed to get his troops to face difficulties, “explains with IDF Col. chadia site. “It should bring the battery to be ready to open fire. To get to this point, there are plenty of training and simulations.

Lieutenant Colonel chadia stresses that “an officer course is very fast — within one year of the day you get to her recruitment 1. The purpose is to start the development officers as

23, dozens of fighters command

Among the cadets complete the Patriot system to find Cadet Lior and Yuval sosmanovitz, Sheila Cadet. It’s not the first time the two met. They were friends in high school and studied in the same class, and shatgiiso discovered both that are destined to the same value – air defense. “I didn’t want to join the role he tended grounds, we combine the field with extreme situations and deal with them professionally,” says cadet sosmanovitz, who was very pleased when he got the stones to an array.

“What makes this air defense and not just focus on education in the profession,” says cadet. “Every time I see my soldiers I’m trying to be realistic.
I understand they will require a lot of attention and some will be without motivation. I would very much like to elicit and develop future soldiers that commanders “.

One rocket, three seconds, dozens of lives saved

The complete command of the duo, Captain Hans rodintski,
Listening them in great satisfaction, that buds nursery in the first week of the completion begins to grow. Captain Muna 85 serves in 2006 anymore, as shatgiisa as air defense fighter during the second Lebanon war. After fighting with time served in the North, Captain rodintski Commission to oversee it. “It’s a big responsibility to be 23 years old and to be responsible for dozens of combatants,” she remembers. “I felt great impact and wanted to be Chief of hailit, completion to affect people for a second before they become officers this is a rare opportunity. Thus major found herself far from the battery rodintski in the North, air defense school that is.

“Now the cadets are in the area,” explains.
This is the final and most significant chapter. We practice them in extreme situations to surprise them reality as sheichnso for duty. ” During team drills ID
Command and azzoarim points points need to improve, and that prepare them for when they will with the real thing. “We try to practice as much as possible, situations that role without fear,” she added.

“Each control has a piece of sky”

As many girls shnshallot in service as a woman among men, lervot of which seems to already have an answer ready. “I don’t feel any different than guys we’ve been through
The same process and did all the same “, Sarah Levi advocacy warriors, Cadet participating in related.

Captain Muna 85 takes a few seconds to think of an answer. “It’s something I don’t think about him at all, no one looks at it differently,” she admits with a smile. “The array combines girls very good. This is very natural and it’s the real deal. “

Lieutenant Colonel chadia stresses that “warriors come with very high quality and a very high motivation. Today there are 15% and 30% of deposits fighters. No glass ceiling, all options are open and this is only the beginning. “

One rocket, three seconds, dozens of lives saved

Air protection there are three properties.
The first is the immediate transition from 0 to 1, to recognize the dangerous situation quickly and warn about it. The other is the fact that among defense is short fighter in the world. “There are seconds.
To make this fight, there’s no time to think and plan. Need to make decisions quickly and calmly, if not the enemy stood on a mission, “says Lieutenant Colonel chadia. The third is the fact that the array is the last barrier “,” the last barrier between the drones and missile or the civilian population it can hurt.

In order to meet assignment needs alignment to officers and motivated. An operational event can take several seconds. “Defense
Deploy the aerial borders on alert immediately, “says Lieutenant Colonel chadia. “Our batteries from looking at the sky and each control has a piece of heaven in his responsibility. Battery commanders win wars. The ability of a control to get the best people and build up professionalism with them – that’s what makes the difference. “

In recent years, more and more people understand the importance of the array. “Air defense tactical to strategic makeover.
Describe escalations rotations without air defense and the State of Israel was complete without “iron Dome,” says Lieutenant Colonel chadia.

However, the array’s fancier and towards confrontation. “The network constantly develops and realize new systems. Patriot of today is not that of the Gulf war, and the iron dome is not one of two years ago “, says Lieutenant Colonel chadia. “We are constantly moving forward, the challenge is to remain relevant in completions and between school.

Captain rodintski added ש”עולם he develops
Of missile defense and aircraft, we tmktsaim it. We practice and match the training changes in weapons to field officers.

A few days after the exercise, cadets receive their degrees and heading to demote a new way as commanders in air defense. With great power
Come big responsibilities “I trust them as they perform their tasks. They are ready to meet the emergencies and build their capacities in order to ensure the success of command “, said Lieutenant Colonel chadia.

Translated from Hebrew