Date: August 31, 2007, 12:00 am under
Preparation for the opening of the academic year 2008, to increase the sense of security among residents of Sderot and settlements in the Gaza Strip. Operation “happy new year” will be held between the dates.
2-4 September 2007 and which will run over 200 officers and soldiers of the home front command, the Corps and Division.

The activity will accompany approximately 100 officers and soldiers in which 16 students to ride buses and stations on their way to the schools and move through the streets of Sderot during the day to give
And to assist as required.
In addition
About 50 instructors accompany emergency population students at schools and surrounds
Gaza, freshen up the defensive guidelines and collaborate with faculty.
At the same time, help about 45 teachers soldiering to horticulture in kindergartens in Sderot and accompany the children during the day.

The IDF will continue to act in order to add to the sense of security and support the residents of Sderot and the Gaza Strip.

Translated from Hebrew