Operational leader, for real.

תרגיל הנהיגה המבצעית. צילום: טל מנור, דובר צה”ל

A year after that high proficiency decided needed front and led to change the commands to reach the border, driving instructors, training operations
Based on a scenario “pillar”

תאריך: 13/11/2013, 11:34    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

שנה למבצע עמוד ענן

Operational leader, for real.

The time is 2:50 a.m. and driving school is operational,
The training centre, logistics operational driving instructors and commanders sleep ‘. In a few minutes will slam all officers of the sections and give them vague pretext that “something happened in Gaza.”

Within minutes the whole school has been too shameful, and the officers are sitting around a table, commander Lt. Col. NIR yogev, showing them the scenario. “One a.m. eliminated senior Hamas activist Gaza,” says Lt. Col. NIR yogev and Rama is charged immediately.
Corey’s bedroom. “We expect a response from Gaza should prepare for entrance
Bottom. “

At this stage appear in the sections leaders their mission, which is designed to for routine emergencies within hours. The task page they receive may look familiar to them;
The reason she chose to use the same tasks as accepted school years, during operation “pillar”, like shatindb, past orders, driving instructors in the front line.

“Our drivers.”

During operation “pillar” role, school based programs
Was operational to train drivers in an emergency procedure, but at the school identified the need or opportunity, and realized at the training mission they can send operational driving instructors to serve as task drivers.

“The units had the qualification of skilled drivers,” remembered the school Commander. “We pushed ourselves to and slowly everyone approached us and asked the delegation to instructors and vehicles. During the operation, everyone understood the importance and benefit of driver
The us brings. “

Operational leader, for real.

Thanks to the success of cloud habirth ב”עמוד drivers”, following their participation in the operation. “After the operation, received number of decisions. During operation, the instructors sent to operational missions and the other half will remain here to train drivers in emergencies, “Lieutenant Colonel yogev. “In addition, the instructors reserve iokapzzo to take part in training.

“We opened a few pillar processes for preservation
Operational qualifications to be the next relevant operation as were cloud “and ב”עמוד, “says Lieutenant Colonel yogev. To meet this mission, the school routine transition program. In fact, the main goal of the night bouncing is examining the program.
“You have to see if we stick to the plan we make our qualifications immediately,” said Lieutenant Colonel yogev.

“Red”, on engines.

The noise from the engines breaking the silence into the wee hours of the night.
While the guides and learning tasks, plays the red alert, as part of a desire to make the scenario as realistic. “We’re trying to simulate real situation as possible,” explains Lieutenant 007. “It is important to train ourselves to be more than ready. Her mission is required – just a few hours from the moment the order has to be prepared. “

Great morning at first light and extend both simultaneously ionad preparations. “Shairo
Us at 3 a.m., we had no idea what was going on, “says one of the instructors, ieads convoy, dawn light icon. “Everything happens in a similar manner to pillar, but I can see us improving since. Everyone knows exactly what he needs to do. If the next operation would be like pillar – we go first. It makes me feel important. “

A few hours after I popped up, all vehicles and are ready to order. Commander school passes and found a tester. “The goal is to surpass the gaps”, explains Lieutenant Colonel yogev. “A thorough examination is to find out the gaps. Overall I’m satisfied. “

Operational leader, for real.

“The scenario where we are completely reasonable pop-up
We don’t know when it will happen, when jump, but when it happens – will be ready within a few hours, “said Lt. Col. yogev. “These exercises are learning gaps for real event to get them better.”

School Chief added that “the main difference between the pillar and the future is on sale that started our initiative and activity rate.
Was conceived. The next operation is to be the starting point. The results showed only level
Competency and seriousness. Following operation of the school will take a significant part in the amount of guides will take part in the mobilization of operational tasks, as well as refreshing the former fighters.
In minimum time “.

Translated from Hebrew