Operational period: Adjutant to officers that assisted operational activities

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Adjutant of the regimental officers were treating cases where combatants were wounded or killed, were in a position of power at any given moment and eased my worried family members at

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מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

צוק איתן
חיל השלישות

During combat, the officers in the battalions with personnel is critical to the success of operational activities. Thus, in bluff “took some hundreds of thirds, responsible for the preservation of human capital and human rights fighters inside. “The nature of the role is to ensure that there are enough talented people to do their job and treat them in accordance with army orders,” explained head of Torah in the Adjutant Corps, major.
Nimrod siglman.

Adjutant officer’s responsibility of controlling manpower during combat effects directly on the troops in the field. “The need to know at any point in time where the soldiers are, where each Department operates and who is active in the field”, Maj.
Siglman. “He should know where every soldier in the regiment and is fit and healthy.

Operational period: Adjutant to officers that assisted operational activities

In addition, a third staffing powers, as the unit
‘ The sting ‘ or Armor Battalion engineering alongside reserve warriors. “I had to put
The troops and who was with us every step, who enters and who export from Gaza at any moment “, the battalion Adjutant officer paratroopers.

The image analysis of status-real-time

Adjutant officer role is not about that, and part of the job is handling cases of soldiers wounded or fallen, from about
To fill the role of a warrior to getting an action chain.

In the event of an incident with casualties, it is important that the Adjutant officer who informed the soldiers injured and where each one is. “The third role is to analyse the situation in case it damaged soldiers qualification level decreased,” said major siglman. “Out of shpzzoa, you have to remember he had a specific professional role and the third one must understand the qualifications required for each profession and gets a replacement for a wounded soldier,” he explained.

This makes the third with broad of the snapshot. “If there is an extensive amount of people coming down sessions, should find that solutions”, said Maj. siglman. “He needs to find creative solutions-company soldiers, ask Division reinforcements or to recruit reservists. It should be on the alert and make sure that enable functional continuity and continuity to troop fighting.


Operational period: Adjutant to officers that assisted operational activities

Another role of adjutant came to the fore when a critically wounded battalion or killed. In such a case, adjutant officer to propel
The knowledge transfer to the soldier’s family, by notification and medical details of casualties. “He’s the third can provide the correct information and relevant in order that casualties can continue to process”, explained Maj. siglman.

“So I don’t run a rumor about wounded warrior.
Need to verify the identify of the Warrior and become the person who delivers it? the report so that the message arrives at family “, said Lieutenant Nathaniel.

Missing soldiers during combat

Operation cliff “were needed to deal with the Adjutant challenge-combatants missing in combat. “The third is the need to recognize the soldiers
The unit, known as the ibutiom and the location of any soldier, “said Maj. siglman.
“Accordingly, it is a major axis in the event that there is a missing soldier. He can provide identifying information about the soldier and to know where and who he was at the same time.

According to the thirds and further work done in the operation, the IDF was able to know the status of the fighters announced missing-Hadar Goldin and cm Auron Saul and determine that they are.

Also, adjutant officers found in constant contact with our forces entered the Gaza Strip
During the ground operation, and therefore constituted a kind of context for the soldiers. “During the operation received between 50 to 80 calls a day from families and girlfriends of soldiers from”, said Lieutenant Nathaniel. “I told them that all was well, mostly-to hear that from someone who saw the battalion means” son.

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