Orange streets: the HFC reinforce its operations in the central region during operation “Cliff”

צילום: פיקוד העורף

Last month came the missile threat also to the Center, and many residents have experienced the repeated alarms. The HFC increased activity in the central region in order to provide assistance to the public and the authorities in the face of a threat.

תאריך: 08/08/2014, 12:07    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

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פיקוד העורף

During operation “Cliff” steep trajectory gunfire came toward them ranges Israel came and many citizens experienced threat before they met him. Home front command conducted this scenario for a long time, recruited many reservists worked vigorously on the areas which weren’t threatened not to be injured.

The first effort and faced with central command personnel in central Israel revolved around civilian aid. “Gzratno civil experience the first recurring alarms.
For this reason we had to deal with the issue of protection and public domain, told IDF commander Ayalon district site, Colonel (Ret.) URI. Meanwhile, advised people to swing with authorities about units, and transferring information to residents.
In addition, instruct emergency population and soldiers wandered the streets, distributed flyers
And the transfer of information. “Look there, the more assistance the personnel command, people with orange vests, people knew to give information and calm”, said the Commander. “In General, in emergency situations, the population is very obedient and if enough information is in the right way,” noted.

Alongside the instructors assisted population in professional training. Engineers on behalf of command gave advice to the authorities on protection, alongside support for kindergartens and schools. Advice to the Government.
At such a time and from platform questions regarding opening the camps and gatherings, to provide support and respond to the needs, especially in the past unclaimed spaces. “The authorities process with ease, is mutual. Two-way process of uploading, needs and our response, and vice versa – the way we move
Defensive guidelines and messages, “explained Colonel (Ret.).

Is work in this field was in anymore in the first days of the operation;
Passes the residents learned that they required less. “There is no doubt that response graph start high, because the amount of people needed for her was greater. Over time the population studied the behavior and demanded less assistance resource, “Commander of the district.

Extra effort are active members of the HFC is on standby in case a fall and injury. In order to maintain full service, even in these days of operation in command exercises designed to prepare for the worst-case scenario. These exercises are practiced even in contact with local authorities, as well as with emergency organizations, Israel Police and meter.
“This is our way to maintain vigilance and operational during bondage. Fortunately, in the meantime, the iron dome system provided a solution, but this can generate complacency. We must continue to maintain maximum vigilance. Every volley shot to our region, our job is to be vulnerable and need to act, “said Colonel.

Translated from Hebrew