Orange: the Warriors pitch the regular front command exercise held mossek

The smoke bombing exercise, including dealing with threats. Majestic dawn: “increase collaboration with other stove powers

תאריך: 03/02/2014, 16:00    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

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The first: is the regular command.
HomeFront work with air and naval exercise held mossek. In exercise trained battalion fighters dawn on three different now examine for cause: basic service, security and dealing with
Bombing scenario.

Also looking at the region West of bird’s almost difficult to estimate its size. “Since a very large figure, must draw the powers to reduce the time to an event,” explained the decision to air the battalion commander, Lt. Col. Dudu abada. In exercise trained the fighters on the infantry service and warfare “. Another scenario practice is a school that collapsed. After the collapse of the building, the place served rescue.

For importance, and integration onto action is expected to increase the effectiveness of the forces. “The exercise is expected to raise the qualification in its aspects, ongoing security and cooperation – stove only going in the coming months,” said Lieutenant Colonel abada. “We know the situation of multiple missiles or difficulty reaching earthquake
And to get from one place to another would be great – that’s why we’re going in the direction of task and furnace in smaller frames, to touch in more places and get faster. According to Lieutenant Colonel abada, as part of that process will move around on the lighter vehicles.

“The collaboration teaches us to work with helicopters, this practice with its personnel on the helicopter, and rescue under fire – things that we still,” she added, company commander Capt. Dana Dahan. “The training really well, also אב”ך practitioners and crazy — infantry us. ” A similar exercise also took place in which the HFC’s, while it examined the area remote askot in daybreak Battalion carried out the practice of ongoing operations at the time.

In addition, the exercise also done collaborations with airborne forces. “All perpetrators and requires serious combat fitness, training with maneuvering units” claimed Lieutenant Colonel abada.
“We practice quite a bit since operation pillar. While the divisions saw the advantage of letting them search and rescue force and decided to work together. Today everyone knows to get a company or battalion and connect them.

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