Order 8: full data about the servers in operation “Cliff”

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As an -6,300 servants of the reserves are volunteers, approximately 40% are parents of children and 44% have served in combat roles • providing benefits edited IDF servants reserves

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During operation “Cliff” demonstrated the value of rapid stabilization of showing determination and a sense of mission. 50 days of motivation from the reserves remained high, and they showed much willingness to contribute.

High motivation index can be identified in terms of requests for voluntary reserve service and returned to service in the reserves, as well as the numerous requests received at various points to join the IDF combat units in Gaza and battalions who perform operational employment in various sectors and various arrays. As an -6,300 servants on special reserve are
Volunteers. In addition, about 40% of the reserve are servants of the parents of children.

The full data: what roles the reservists served?

Among the servers, approximately 44% of the soldiers called to order service 8 served in combat roles, 39% served as combat mission front supporters, 15% served as combat mission back supporters and 2% served in an intelligence role.

Approximately 25% of the serving order service called 8 were recruited for southern command, 20% to central command and 18% to northern command. In addition, 9% of the servants were recruited for service
The home front command, 30% served in the air force and 8% were recruited for service in the technological
And logistics. See the rest of the servers, 2% served in the Intelligence Division, 2% in the manpower Directorate, approximately 1% of GoC army headquarters and 1% served in the border patrol.

Order 8: full data about the servers in operation “Cliff”

As mentioned, 40% of the servers are parents of children. Out of all the servants, about 10 percent are parents of one child, 14 percent are parents of two children, about 10 percent are parents for about 3
Children and 6% for more than four children. In addition, approximately 52% of the servants are singles and 46% are married. Segmentation according to gender, it is apparent that approximately 93% of the servants are men and 4% are women.

Benefits to servants IDF reserve: gave social security eligibility to serve in the reserves for tens of thousands of servers.

During the operation, the IDF and the Security Ministry acted in various channels in order
To assist servants reserves, their families and their employers. Among the things include:
Local fee together with the national insurance institution for employers, self-employed, students, etc.

In General, eligibility for certificate of active reserve server is tested once a year in may, but this year it was decided to examine the eligibility for a certificate even in September and first give the certificate eligible. Also, nowadays edited to grant eligibility to tens of thousands of reserve servers.

Moreover, some replies to my order reserve recruited 8 the decision concerning the establishment of a Fund of $ 30 million, to aid recognition and reward to the reserve soldiers who served and still serve in operation “Cliff”. The purpose of the Fund is handling the reserve soldiers enrolled, including self-employed persons, students, soldiers must release delayed
Etc. These days, established a Committee to determine the eligibility criteria and is distributed to all the servants.

In addition, a letter released information has reached tens of thousands of reserve servers doll posted relevant information including benefits to servants reserves such as travel returns, free travel on public transport etc. The IDF acted constantly to availing the servants they reserve the reserve site (link) and focus (6535) reserve, where you can get relevant information about the rights of the people and the various benefits they are entitled.

The strategic reserve is power and willingness to enlist reserve personnel contributes significantly to protecting the security of the State.

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