Ordnance Corps, a new model of supporting bereaved families brings exciting contacts.

רנ”ד דוד קיסוס עם ליבי אלקריף. צילום: אלעד לביא, אתר צה”ל

Hundreds of resistors is applied followed by the bereaved families from their units, the unique project “permanent link”: “create a bond that can be accepted in any way.”

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מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

Five years ago, received a phone call from Ajay. The voice on the side.
Other introduced himself against the Eagle מ”עוצבת. “The families of the bereaved come in all kinds of people, and a second later they can disappear,” said the IDF website. “I was sure it was a similar case.

The Division is quite familiar. Her husband, Maj. (Ret.) Eliyahu 7anad 7asan, served as ordnance officer, and fell at the beginning of the second Lebanon war in case the Katyusha in Kfar giladi, who took the lives of 12 fighters.

In her phone call, Libby knew that David Ivy, רנ”ג, foreman
Treatment of bound Center bang, who met her husband, becomes one of the people close to her. Since he accompanied her and her family happy and sad events, the White House 7anad 7asan. “The resulting connection between us along
The years is so hard, I feel comfortable to ask him for help when necessary, although I
Not inclined to rely on the help of others. He knows me and my kids everything. Adam did not remain so to come and help, if you don’t mind, “she said.

Ordnance Corps, a new model of supporting bereaved families brings exciting contacts.


Even if the relationship between heart RNA, Ivy is
This type of connections are unusual in the ordnance Corps. In the last five years 700 resistors accompany bereaved families of ordnance Corps. Many of them managed to create over the years strong and significant. They visit several times a year, families revel in delight and support their pain. Supporting families is carried out within the framework of the project “permanent contact force. “I feel it is one of the most important projects carried out by ordnance Corps for the past decade,” told the RNA. “in fact, I attribute so much importance to him, to continue to make and maintain contact with the family, even when I’m released.”
Permanent contact “project” is a project unique in the ordnance Corps, led by the main armament officer, Brig. Gen. Zvika Kraus. The project came to strengthen the bond of the bereaved families against the force. Five years ago, the link is maintained by the casualties of the Corps, or by reservists who were summoned.
The visits were few, and all her family had received similar treatment. Ruling in that space, a Memorial Park set to be present near the tomb of the Army Representative decided the ordnance Corps to take the one step ahead: a permanent accompaniment is not limited only to funerals and anniversaries, but will support.

The pick family, goes into training for the contact.

“The use of permanent personnel of the force brought on the one hand, economic savings, won’t get’s a reserve account”, noted a. casualties of the Corps רמ”ד, רס”ם LIAT tpiro. “But the greater effect on the person who accompanies
The family is in one set, the workplace is the IDF he accompanies the family for years, and as the name implies, have asked to maintain contact with their families is
Set “permanent link”. In addition, it is the same unit as the space, and so created to the same family that could not be obtained any other way. “
The resistors in the project undergo a special workshop that is transmitted by the casualties section, at times against various situations which may experience in the family home. In most cases, the one who chooses her family he wants to walk, and it is my responsibility to initiate the first discourse. “This phone call and the first meeting at critical moments, they in the contact with the family,” said Ivy רנ”ג. “But once you explain the purpose of the family project is usually ready to cooperate. Like
We want to visit them, they want to be treated, and today I came to I was anxiously waiting for a meeting with them “.

Ordnance Corps, a new model of supporting bereaved families brings exciting contacts.

The man held a meeting with the four major holidays: new year’s Eve, for the Passover holiday, the annual Memorial of the same space and Yom hazikaron Israel. “We want to be there for the bereaved families, giving them
The feeling that we are not forgetting them, “explains the major casualties, רמ”ד Eleanor barazani.
“During the holidays, the empty chair catches the biggest size at the bereaved family. When Rama
I can’t get all the families, but for the tndvotam of the resistors, the extra visits to the job they’re doing, we’re able to touch all our families in these times. ” In addition, many have held additional meetings beyond the mandatory events: they arrive at family events, initiate joint activities
Along with the families and assist in preparations for funerals. “Because I chose the family and I found her about for several years, I feel like I’m working from the heart, not out of obligation,” said Ivy רנ”ג. “For me, it’s a privilege to be part of something like this.”

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