Ordnance Corps is an independent race first

צילום: יסמין דר, אט”ל

About 2,000 officers and non-commissioned officers took part in the race which was held for the first time and also competitive edge 10 km main armament officer: continue the sporting tradition

תאריך: 04/12/2013, 15:21    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

Ordnance Corps members participated for the first time in the force’s independent race, held last Thursday in Ganei Yehoshua Tel Aviv. About 2,000 officers, non-commissioned officers and civilians of IDF personnel participated in the race, from the choose a different trails and force the military preparatory school students to join the armament.

The race included two assigns the first competitive edge – 10 km, and the second track “the folk at 3 km. along the length of the track, on the banks of the Yarkon River, accompanied banners that display the activity of ordnance Corps. Among the announcements was the “mdrbant” – said ambivalent policy in addition to the body’s ability to survive the assigns, mental abilities required of men and arms at the headquarters.

“Race comes to formulate the arrays the ordnance Corps, and to increase awareness of physical education and sport among people,” Chief Military Commander preinstallation ordnance officer, Lieutenant Colonel Uzi Shohat. He noted that in the name of technology education – “invite all students at colleges to learn about the various pre military offered” force The opening shot of the main armament officer rescues,
Brig. Gen. Zvika Kraus, who participated in the race. “This year we are in hailit – strength persistence and sport. Today the students took part, which will be the next generation of ordnance Corps “, said the main armament officer,” according to the success that was seen today, we witness the beginning of a tradition.

At the end of the contest were awarded medals to all participants in the race, and the first awards. The first place winner in the race ordnance Corps is major David Dego, armament in the Operations Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, which result of 36 minutes during the competitive period. “From the moment I heard about the race I decided to participate in it,” said Maj. Dago, “ordnance Corps is the Corps where I serve day 1 and to this exciting class.”

Translated from Hebrew