Out of the situation: behind the scenes of “Cliff”

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

In real time: they were all set up, activate evacuations heated ran operational events and sometimes forced to report attacks on people who knew.
Three סמב”ציות who ב”צוק “tell about the experiences

תאריך: 10/09/2014, 20:03    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

While the maneuver in cliff “when she hits APC Golani anti-tank in Masjid, Sergeant Marina Schwartzman didn’t hear a radio or Web reports. Is updated in real time directly from the war where she serves as Samba and heart skipped a beat.

Her partner in the 13th Regiment of the Golani Brigade, in the southern sector of the Gaza Strip
And seven of his men were killed in the same incident. “Know it all before, but
Still don’t know anything. And the larger concern, “she says. “I serve in the Northern Division of the Gaza Division, admiring the incident happened in the Southern Division, but the second event in the spring. I was in a race to find out some more details. There was difficulty in identifying the bodies and each time felt like forever. Even after my shift had finally ended, I stayed until the situation once we knew the names of all the casualties in the incident.

Don’t let stress affect

Emblem of Schwarzman is one of the Samba experience the highlights of the operation from the situation room in the Gaza Division. She was responsible for a shift in the Northern Division while
The clashes with the terrorist cell that infiltrated into Israel, which killed major amotz Greenberg and maple in destroyed.

The event received notification icon Schwartzman while situation assessment by the Commander of the Division that existed in the situation room at the same time. “As soon as I heard about it, I was happy.
There is an event, and immediately went to the regimental medical officer and the air force to begin to start evacuating the wounded, “she recovers. “It was tough, but as a courtesy I had to remain calm and to reset the other girls”.

Although the Samba are young women, “but they’re impressed emergency events by the commanders in the sector. “סמב”צית deals on everything from faulty vehicles to wounded “, responsible for a shift in the Northern Division of the Gaza Division, Sergeant air Hersh. “We work across all departments, receive reports from the field and provide guidance on how to continue to manage the event.

“When one suddenly shift digest the meaning”

In real time, the girls ‘ challenge is to not let the pressure affect them or their work. The Hersch icon was in the situation room at the sea, infiltration and invasion of large event near NIR am, during which killed a battalion commander, Lt. Col. Ali
Kedar, and three soldiers. “It all happened in seconds-the terrorists to the massive,” she remembers. “Reported about having casualties, and the incident has no time to think about it, you need to run and finish the event.

“This is the sort of thing I’d deal with the service,” she says. “When one suddenly shift, digest the meaning and realize what a crazy job we have. This role with a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. Most IDF Corps did not engage in war, or management action against terrorists.

For that shot, which was new when he started אחמ”שית, the challenge has become essential. “I was on duty when reporting fatalities מ׳מגלן׳, but at the same time there were no names. Only later I realized that I knew one of the fallen warriors, “she says. After the funeral, when I returned to base, I had to do and ׳סוויץ’׳
Hard feelings in the back of the head. “

For Samba, son Gillen fought in the Gaza Strip, sharpen the difficulty-to stay focused on the mission despite the concern of members and the mourning dead. “There are days that strikes suddenly, because it is always in the background, but we know what the meaning and purpose of our work, and what are the consequences if we fail to act. Can’t get cold feet “, summarizes
Seal of Solomon.

Translated from Hebrew