Over 30,000 artillery shells: a signal fire jobs

Throughout operation “Cliff” specials-artillery forces without crossing the fence. Cooperation with the new unit “Sky Rider” minimize harm to bystanders


תאריך: 29/07/2014, 00:50    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין ושחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

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חיל התותחנים

Since the beginning of operation “Cliff” artillery forces fired more than 30,000 shells.  We use a variety of technologies
To ensure that only targets of terrorism victims from the shooting, “explained one of the artillery brigades participating in operation. “But above all important discretion and safety instructions a carefully enforced this past week.

According to the Mag, the first parameter is checked before the shooting he would aim is which matches the distance and safety guidelines which allowed the Gunners to shoot.
Since the mtniye Cannon (תומ”ת) is inherently less accurate than a fighter plane, the regiment receives the quality goals are definitely not mixed population.

Then, check the coordinates of the point on the map to ensure that it won’t
Situated in an area where there is a significant risk to human life whether or not artillery. Finally use human observations or Sky Rider to ensure that the fire does not compromise impossible.

Another factor which allows vulnerable is the advantage of giving them the space they have in place. “Our advantage in this sector is that we shouldn’t get into the Gaza Strip to provide. In addition, we have no problems of weather, route
Area or gas being interrupted, “Meg” noted the biggest advantage of artillery force is coming from demand we can unleash a target within a short time.

Okapzzo battalion fighters while training the Golan Heights – and then already logged into the targets in the Gaza Strip. Despite the quick, routine and emergency
For him, the battalion lost operational stress and motivation. “The soldiers who shoot too compete at three o’clock in the morning”, described in battery Commander. “They go in and say ‘ give me fire mission. This happens about once an hour, and I hear that from all the teams. “

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