Paratroopers carried out a series of integrated with war beret

צילום: טל ליסוס, דובר צה”ל

The series consisted of performing operational missions and exercises in urban warfare. The paratroopers had been achieved during a 180 kilometers

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מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

The paratroopers brigade fighters completed the advanced training, integrated with war beret. The series war lasted 14 days and also included patrols in the Hebron area. The new move was created in order to ensure that the platoon come after the battalion advanced practice when members are ready for the war’s operational paratroopers.

This is a series of importance for the Warriors, given temporary government extension and temporary operational training. The “next” button (in the regimental training base – d. f.) for company, battalion and we sign it is ready for any task during the battle, “said the Commander of the advanced training, major Roy Zweig. “The company came when she has the mental strength to cope with the long line and the challenges it poses, as well as ability to use means of employment, explained.

Paratroopers carried out a series of integrated with war beret

The tze’elim base, applied exercises (urban warfare) ammunition and directed enemy. She continued exercises with paratroopers and plugatis came the culmination came in 24 hours intensity in the Hebron region, including patrols in the city.
And the hills around it.

Paratroopers carried out a series of integrated with war beret

Are Hebron troops arrived to come (command training base) Lachish and RAID exercise, and then began the beret which, tradition, ammunition Hill. During the entire series Warriors step distance of about 180 kilometers.
“The series summed up all the professional skills they learned the paratroopers in training – open, dense and built-up area,” said Maj. Zweig. “Complex challenges against the soldiers and to the commanders, they had a lot of professional decisions. The low percentage of injuries indicates strong rehearsed contexts “, he added.

During the series the war fighters carried out cooperation with armor and rides, and snipers. In addition, they implied during using Apache and Black Hawk.
At the same time, all the exercises while carrying equipment weighing about 40 kilograms. 
“Talking a lot today on cooperation between the powers, then brought to combat the means
Of combined arms, “noted major Zweig. “The pilot is huge success, and we strive to do this every year,” he concluded.

Translated from Hebrew