Peek at the Cruiser air force technology


Three-dimensional printers, “clean” and new heights in cyberspace and technology: the Foundation of air force save tens of millions of dollars annually to the air force. Here’s how it works.

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מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

חיל האוויר

The machines work overtime filling the building.
The various rooms are working engineers, programmers and technicians of all ages, the next product release used. This isn’t in any civil society or security industry but the base of the air force, the most cost-effective units in a year, saving over tens of millions of dollars to the air force through streamlining procedures, new developments, maintenance of existing products and new invention for all air force units in the airborne, and the land area.

If you wish, that the air force technology. As such, it has the most pledges whose products can be found on the market today. In the mechanical sector for example, which are development, production and maintenance of the air force, because no product comes to perform before a reduced model of parts not produced by 3D printers.
This process creates considerable financial savings due to cheap raw materials used in these printers and additional savings arising from easily detecting flaws and mistakes in models which were creating delays and problems unless this capability.

Also, during the “clean room” unit, one of two in which is one of the highlights in technology and efficiency. The term “clean room” is taken from the high-tech world, where these rooms are robotic systems activities laboratories which perform construction and Assembly of products. In the professional world for these to be free of human intervention that is not gloved and found these rooms wear robes at all times, avoid hitting the nanomtrit job that executes them. During this lab, picking up chips and cards corrupted information from the air force, and by using specific means such as the filigree nnomteris war make the amendments required the companies were bought instead.
The products. The savings is enormous and equally effective – products that are sent to the lab and the manufacturer save per year over three million dollars to air force and many months of work it was performing.

Peek at the Cruiser air force technology

To reach base youth trained janitor or technical only. These teens, called “proiiktantim”, special projects in cooperation with the air force, final projects, which is tested and performance capability. If high enough grades received for service in the unit. The unit commander, Colonel a., explained that at the end of the day the real ability of theirs who will be received on the job. “We are building a track every development engineer or technician is due therefore to match the domain that he can do. Learning through experience in advanced systems, and finally the best come to develop electronic systems. Who come here have high capacity, high skill, desire to learn and deal with great difficulty, “he explains.

The unit is a unique melting pot for people in the landscape. If you divide the only employees to receive half of its employees are in their compulsory service, one-third are non-commissioned officers and the rest are what define different “unit” – and of designers became citizens.
רס”ל Eli Corolla from maintenance, says that there are complex, but one that improves performance:” it’s a complex Goo, the attempt to combine the old young minds. There are specialists for all areas, national and global level, and the connection between people is a force multiplier for us. “

Big development in cyberspace

“The ability to deal with difficult situations is especially between this unit and other technologies units,” added רס”ב Super Lion, also is in the field.
“The motto for us is to check everything that moves. Working for us is the same: to fix anything “.

According to the Commander, Lt. Col. Ronen wallfisch, it’s really not the end: even in cyberspace will be the base foot. “The base personnel motivated to develop and advance and I see us going into cyberspace where we already have the engineers went to mtatzm in the air force. Our goal is to be able in these areas to be what we are today – other body Announces qualification systems to use, “he says.

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So what needs to be done to get this technology patrol According to Colonel p., looking for talented electronics engineer – people with a base and experience in the field.
If the data of the people they got high, but it’s not all that person has to be curious. “For us curiosity is important. The area’s natural curiosity that comes from love and desire to develop knowledge and expertise to deal with, “he explains,” the main thing a person will see the role is dealing with issues which are not their intractable problems and need to find creative solutions. If you have a problem with sight device he receives, in many cases they will need to find a solution without foreknowledge, without knowing the details of the equipment, working ‘ blind ‘ to fix it or replace it with a product that is pop.
Creative is critical. “

Translated from Hebrew