Old PEI oil pipeline Photo: PEI

PEI to Remove Old Oil Pipelines from Mediterranean Seabed in Haifa
Old PEI oil pipeline
Photo: PEI
The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) and Petroleum & Energy Infrastructures Ltd. (PEI) have agreed that PEI will remove old, underwater oil pipelines, some of which remain from the British Mandate era. The pipes are harmful to the marine environment.

​The agreement came after a request from the MoEP’s Marine Environment Protection Division. The process of dismantling and removing the five pipes, which are on the seabed of the Mediterranean near the northern city of Haifa, will begin in late April 2016. The pipes are no longer active, but were once used to import oil into Israel. The company’s active pipe transfers crude oil from Haifa Port to the company’s tank farm in Kiryat Haim.

The old pipes were found in the summer of 2014, after oil stains were discovered on Kiryat Haim Beach. MoEP inspectors realized the stain had come from an old pipe that had leaked, and instructed PEI to conduct a comprehensive survey to examine the old pipes. In the wake of that survey, it was decided that the pipes would be removed.

The MoEP will monitor the pipe removal process, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the marine environment. PEI has issued a tender for a contractor who will do the complex job, which is expected to cost millions of shekel.