Pencil sharpeners in driving directions due to the weather.

Operational travel approved by the unit commanders, Polish drivers were cautious, safe driving and only.

תאריך: 15/12/2013, 11:58    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

חורף 2013-2014

In the safety and quality control in GoC army headquarters (Beck) pencil sharpeners safety guidelines driving – combat and civil-because of the weather and winter storm that the Israel in recent days.

Colonel Zvi Beck, Commander of IDF told the site that the order given to it
Perform evaluation and risk management regarding the storm events. “The units made and risk management training programs and change schedules under preparation,” he says, “for operational instructions out of what needs to be done. They had chances and evaluation, analyzed the risk task which high rchovot foot and movements “.

When it comes to safety during a storm and winter in one of the main issues is driving in winter. Driving it has a lot of risks, such as risk, fog, poor visibility conditions and even fatigue resulting from the heater in the car: “we winter driving instructions, it asked that the units reduce their travel time. Only a single commander has the authority to approve all travel “.

Also subject the employer the KGB “came up with the guards and took them back bases the guidelines of drink, nutrition, avoiding wet clothing that can cause hypothermia and prolonged stay outside,” explained Colonel Dan. Also
The training topic stood at the Centre of the agenda of Beck and storm preparations altered plates
Training schedule to avoid safety incidents during training. “The IDF has restrictions for carrying out training according to the weather and the seasons. The units have a device to measure heat source or load and they know that there are certain limits that should work, “said Colonel Dan.

Many of the places given the year came when taken from previous years, such as cars, sunsets and the issue of crossing streams, according Colonel Dan dangerous. “I have compiled a few lessons mainly about road safety,” he added, “the issue of driving snow, you know there’s limitations, we emphasize individual maximum units. During the storm were fixed points “Patel.

“I see I had internalized the procedures. Already last week saw many units did the assessment, adjust the units ‘ activities and significantly reduced the number of trips, “said Colonel Dan,” the commanders responsible acted with discretion and judgment sales
The risks “.

But despite the big storm passed, days still have to comply with the provisions of
Storm safety since the roads are still flooded and rivers. “The cold still
And should avoid prolonged stay in an open area, avoid wet clothes and
And diet. In addition, travel reduction still relevant for the next few days. “

Translated from Hebrew