Pilot operation “Cliff”-know your rights

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

A “Cliff” in the Gaza Strip, the IDF site brings you all the information about rights and benefits from reserves

תאריך: 05/08/2014, 11:16    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

צוק איתן

Tens of thousands of army reservists have been mobilized to servers during operation “Cliff” in the Gaza Strip. The law reserves to serve different benefits – financial rewards to services provided by the Club “Heil”.

After the coordination carried out against the National Insurance Institute required soldiers who were released and were transferred immediately to contingency reserve – will be rewarded. The reward will be paid by the NII directly to their bank accounts without filing a claim of national security. This policy was instituted because of the introduction of fresh soldiers dismissed them with a social security mechanism, and the lack of necessary based on previous wage reports.

Meanwhile, the servants are offered as “complementary” reserve, provided to all.
The reserve soldiers enrolled in the order 8 even if not members “Heil”. Provides service 24 hours a day to servants and reserve families; Offers assistance and convenience services such as home repair, electronics, automotive services, emergency services, physician, etc.

Another improvement to the reserve soldiers it rewards and recognition of active reserve “כ”משרת. Marine reserves made within 8 warrant in naval service quota, and will be added to all marine reserves of 2014. On this basis calculated eligibility for various benefits and to active reserve “כ”משרת in accordance with the law.

Students serving in the reserves are entitled to a variety of reliefs and adjustments in accordance with the decision of the institutions. For further information, log on to the website or alternatively contact the students e-mail address: hacademic@nuin.co.il.

Also, soldiers enrolled in the order of eight to “Cliff” and therefore unable to pay them to payments from the National Insurance Institute can introduce an official certificate for the period of service.
In order to avoid paying income due to backlogs.

Regarding payment of tax authority, authority management made a decision whereby taxpayers, and represent people in active reserve service, and therefore can’t report and pay the periodic report at the time – can get another extension and submit the report after release. After that turn to tax income tax agencies to resolve the issue.

Additional information can be found on the tribute “Club”: www.behatsdaa.org.il
In the reserve at: www.miluim.aka.idf.il or at 6535 reserve *.

Translated from Hebrew