-Powerful RAM Regiment practice dealing with extensive missile attack

צילום: טל מנור, דובר צה”ל

Regular and reserve forces, the regiment’s focus on mapping and site evacuation and rescue wounded from the rubble. The home front command Chief: “the next war” Israeli iaothagr “

תאריך: 04/03/2014, 08:44    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

פיקוד העורף
חילוץ והצלה

RAM battalion of the home front command recently completed an exercise in brigades at 27, which ran in parallel with a variety of scenarios. The exercise, which was a practical summary of practice, Dima in the rear is under attack from missiles, following the air force’s attack on hundreds of villages in South Lebanon. In this scenario, a number of areas hit within hours many buildings including a kindergarten, Community Center and residential buildings, and rescue battalion RAM called.

In the evening visited the home front command Chief, Maj. Gen. Eyal Eisenberg in exercise. He participated in the preparations and visited the various scenes. “The Israeli home front, operation or
The next war is going to be challenged. Not just built on the other side of power. The scenario this scenario quite striking, and the threat covers all Israel country area, “said Commander of the home front command to battalion commanders evaluate the situation.

Shortly after five in the afternoon the first volley and began working around the clock, and many sites map and prioritize. Before the next volley drops and start over. “When a shortage of resources, use regular forces to spare. It is important to realize that the most valuable resource is time. ”
Eisenberg and champion claimed that “there are several elements that I can’t give them training. Beyond a normal 911 is one of them. “

The champion said the assessment exercise objectives at the briefing. “The need to see that it is signed ‘ districts. jumping and sorts each fall, and some sights resources and efforts. Importance to seeking to contact and getting to the ground, “said.

“Practiced our skills in various events and sites. It consists in level of difficulty-both professional and logistics “, said the Chief of the province, Colonel Yoram to survive.
Battalion split into a few soldiers every scene allows the practice hitherto inaccessible. “This brings to the fore the challenges of command and control of forces. In such a situation the Majles and ones that accept hard decisions on the ground, “Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Uncle Ezra.

The district headquarters, Colonel (Ret.) Gideon son of that Regiment in the hour, loud brief also. “I think that underneath the limit here, but this isn’t it. In the first 36 hours you only power. You reserve.
Each provincial Central. Departmental websites that luxury-may need to split a lot more. You need to learn how to work with the civilian population and to activate it. All corporal becomes a sexual incident, Knight admire.

“This exercise is a valuable resource, especially in this age, and we do everything to exploit the long term”, said Majid. “The destruction and fragmentation of power as a result – this is a realistic scenario. The answer, good and professional, and he prepares him well for the next campaign as we see it, “champion said.

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