President Honors soldiers: “you are the guarantee of our security.”

חיים צח, לע”מ

The President Peres hosted in the 120 outstanding soldiers representing
All arms of the military, elected due to significant service and outstanding contributions to the IDF and the State of Israel

תאריך: 06/05/2014, 11:32    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Israeli President Shimon Peres hosted today (Tuesday) the 120 outstanding soldiers to the independence day of Israel, 66 in the traditional ceremony, also attended by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon (bogey), Chief of general staff Benjamin (Benny) Gantz and general staff of Champions past and present.

The ceremony opened with the fly-a helicopter “OWL” and two of “threshold” above
The President followed the ceremony at the President House Garden, received the ‘ excellence and merit certificates and pins from the President of the country.
The soldiers were outstanding and comprehensive process in various committees and won the title of “President” Excellence Prize awarded, which is a model for the entire army, subvert their intentions and demonstrating excellence
Dedication, professionalism and responsibility. Status of excellence honours diploma received from the Association of a scholarship of $ 4000 dollars, blavatnik Foundation donation “, the establishment of Mr. Len blavatnik, the contributors of the friend of Association uk (UK Friends of AWIS).
Among the 45 women, 75 outstanding men and 18 officers, 63, 18 lone soldiers and 9 soldiers.

The President saluted for excellence: used an example to your friends

After the Mets swept President Peres and Chief-of-excellence President lines
He said State honors soldiers: “I name and proud sons and daughters with the resurrection. IDF fighters hero is a human capital value of all other capital. You selected 120 army standard upper threshold of his volunteering and fearlessly. You are an example for friends, because each generation excels the predecessor and new generation carried on the shoulders of the generations that preceded it. Indeed, your generation edit, equipped,
Faster, more accurate, more varied, updated. Ball feet planted on the ground, but his head has been rooted in the future “.

“The IDF and the security arms are evaluated in the world today as the greatest power in the war on terror, and the organization can produce a powerful stronghold,” added the President, today you are a guarantee of our security. Deterrence to our enemies. The promise was checking in on us. Bridge to peace and security, and also security for peace. Israel bought ideological. Love, brotherhood of warriors
Mutual responsibility, striving for peace. On behalf of the citizens of Israel, I salute you and German comrades.
Don’t like! The Presidents of Israel, home to Jerusalem, I congratulate the parents and a whole at independence Israel happy! Long live Israel Defense Forces! Long live the State of Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, also the outstanding soldiers and their families and said, “I am proud to be Prime Minister of Israel always but especially today. Our outstanding troops operate in Ocean air and land to ensure national
The State. I know who to trust when we are sending you to everywhere.
I want to thank the parents who raised and educated you to donate, thank you on behalf of the citizens of Israel. “Caravan song selection:” we are all part of this convoy to express the desire to return to the land of Israel and to build up our national life. Make this convoy will last forever.

The Minister of Defense, Moshe Ya’alon (logical) congratulated the soldiers and said: “it is a day of pride for the State of Israel. To meet the soldiers, together with their fellow demonstrators take big responsibilities and maintain Israel’s security, it enhances the mind. The State of
Israel can boast of soldiers and commanders and to continue to thrive and prosper. “

After the President’s remarks came up to the stage and greeted the Gantz soldiers: “the students standing here today represent tens of thousands of our soldiers and our commanding officer on
Is also saved at this time. By land air and sea along our borders in front, rear, and bottom work forces in the courage and devotion that I cant. Thanks to them and their work throughout the year we can celebrate today our independence and the right we continue to celebrate our freedom even in the following years.

The full list of honors

Northern command

A battalion of 200 Division, Sergeant sparks Eric Crompton. Training officer in the regiment as final, Lieutenant mark kirichenko. Paramedic assault camp, staff sergeant Ali. Deputy Commander
Assault battalion company of 200 Division, Lieutenant Liron gelberd. A battalion of the Golani Brigade’s Gideon, Sergeant Oron. Blade Warrior Regiment, Sergeant Joseph. Location unit warfare and meteorology, staff sergeant Daniel ibex. Recon fighter in the Golani Brigade, Staff Sergeant Dan Halperin. Barak’s Deputy communications officer in Golani Division, Lt.
Haim Levin. In Division 1, Sergeant Benjamin Naftali. A bind 101 artillery Sergeant Michael avidor. A battalion of the Golani Brigade shine, staff sergeant Omri. Sergeant promotions designed Hiram, Adi anconina icon. Deputy company commander in the battalion and collecting Seagull, Lt. Yotam Wolf. A walnut, staff sergeant Joseph Abraham. About the Deputy Company Commander, battalion staff sergeant Maruf in account. Bogdan Warrior artillery Sergeant 101, Eyal Ben-Efraim. In quotation, Sgt. Omri Shibley.

Central command

Recon fighter in ה”נח”ל Division, “Sergeant of 4 tephra. Logistics Officer
Regimental training base in ה”נח”ל Division, Lieutenant Jonathan somebody. A Viper ה”צנחנים Division battalion, corporal David delicatessen. From the Center for the advancement of special populations designed steel, corporal pltau lilac. Operational ICT operator designed fire arrows, corporal Daniel. A basalt ה”נח”ל Brigade battalion, PFC bullish
Moyal. Sgt. situation observations, Sgt. Maya Pinchasi. A battalion in the Kfir Brigade, staff sergeant Ali Zada. A ה”צנחנים Division” doorstep battalion, PFC Jonathan zercr. A. a company commander in the battalion’s Corps Division 201, corporal Noa. The Commander of the regiment was PFC bar eapa, Clement. Sergeant base company
Practice of soldiers of paratroopers, first icon. In Shimshon Battalion in the Kfir, Shlomi Bitton logo. A basalt ה”נח”ל Brigade battalion, PFC. Alana. A battalion of the Kfir Brigade Darter “Sergeant Vladimir Bystrov. Load command battalion company commander sent armor, Sergeant Raphael Zimmerman. From that solid logistics Regiment corporal Benjamin, Orly Katz. Class icon in ה”נח”ל Division, “sparks first Sergeant
Menachem Schwartz. Deputy company commander in the battalion operational reshef in pillar of fire Lieutenant who designed it. Medic 62 Division/company in oak doanis, Sergeant armor. Magellan, a staff sergeant Yaniv.

Southern command

A battalion of the Givati Brigade tour “, staff sergeant inau light. Sgt. warriors combat collection, staff sergeant Batsheva Frankel. .. Gaza border, corporal Angelique
Petrosian. Rookie Division Commander in the Givati Brigade battalion Shaked, “Lieutenant Asher iaratb. A battalion of the Givati Brigade “Shaked, an icon in the chapel. Computer network administrator at southern command, staff sergeant. A. ordnance officer in spatial Division West, Deputy Amir
Beit Yaakov. Tracker in South Division, corporal Daniel Mahmud. From that of TOS Scouts unit, corporal MIA they. Operations officer in the 80th, doniza, Deputy dawn. Tracker in South Division, corporal Murad aboalasl. A battalion of the Givati Brigade, battery Sergeant Adam Orin. Deputy Vice long 80th-year aviad Hazani.
Cadet Officer cadet course Ibrahim sets. Caracal battalion “warrior,” staff sergeant Noam
Peleg. Caracal battalion “warrior”, Stella de borjes icon.


Freshmen division headquarters search and rescue detachment, Lieutenant-Marshal to prevent A combat medic in the battalion of Smith, Ben Baruch Crescent symbol. Search and rescue instructor at the base of the HFC, corporal Lior Friedman. Logistics Officer County Clerk in North Province, corporal oshri Cohen Moravia.


Master Chief Navy 6, Deputy John Nelson-levy. Naval fighter 1, staff sergeant testified.
A warrior training, staff sergeant Omar heiblum. In maritime control,
Corporal Hadar Rahimi. Deputy Commander of the security battalion, Sergeant bee Ron Ben-Haim. Marine Fighter Squadron 920, Corporal Jason groom. Naval fighter, first icon generation.

Air force

Aircraft technician, Sergeant Oksana Denisov. A path of unit 009, corporal person. A special symbol that means the Valley of Taurus. Personal development axis from the air force.
Sergeant Dana. Is that an entity in Hazor, corporal Moore Hasson. Electronic warfare operator
At Ramat David, Sgt. Moore. Training officer specializing in subjects in the school of air warfare, Lieutenant-smimi light. Fighting iron Dome light PFC Steinmetz.
Air defense instructor in the school of air warfare, Sergeant Speer. Battery Commander
Iron Dome, built first plane icon. “Aircraft mechanic Thunder hammers Squadron, staff sergeant Maxime stilis. A mechanic of “ch” in the squadron leaders Tel smra icon,. Programmer, Sergeant David unit. An ambulance driver at the nevatim Oleg flügel, icon. Aircraft structure mechanic in the maintenance unit, corporal David Wusi.
Assistant Sergeant, Boris Alev.

GoC army headquarters

Computing Department icon oketz unit, Sergeant Nathanael. Rookie squad Commander, Sergeant
Eyal Pasternak. Employee in private omonob יפת”ח Edgar a. Smooth ground, Sergeant staff sergeant Nimrod OASIS. Chief gunnery instructors course in, corporal gavriel Daniels. School Department Headquarters to parachuting, Alves Sergeant.
Armor Simulator instructor, corporal Yael Shamir. Chief engineering instructors course, Sergeant
Noa Lesnick. A diamond symbol, Naftali Isaacs. Simulator instructor of artillery corps, Aviva. Commander grade school classrooms commanders and infantry training, Sergeant Avishai Tayeb. Jacqueline icon sting, Warrior. Sergeant in training combat collection, first Sergeant defense cadets Yael Shushan.

The intelligence wing

An elite intelligence unit, Sgt. Burke. 0166 unit, Sgt. Daniel. 0166, officer
Lieutenant Vitaly. Joint contracts designed 9966, a symbol to me. Information Security Department, corporal Lior. The TOS from an intelligence unit, corporal Daniel.
Technological unit, corporal.

Personnel wing

The operations officer of education training base, staff sergeant alexov. A. head of integration, Sergeant Joseph Klar. The information unit headquarters in Judea and Samaria, Lt. Gail levy. Link officer designed encourage Deputy Moore. Boot class headquarters training base, gilding ebta icon. A. head of drive and discipline a symbol to me.
Leopold. The Commander of the battalion, Lieutenant-taoz Ori determined.

Technological and Logistics Directorate

Minister, instructor corporal Claude Khoury. Medical officer Lieutenant Regiment Nitzan, Yana Dubinsky. Rookie squad Commander at the base of the logistics training, corporal ornament.
Transport driver in the Center, a symbol of ג’נאמאש Ababa. Weld a Center ריון5מסגר rehabilitation and maintenance at Tel Hashomer, corporal Nikita Lebedev.


General Assistant Center for computers and data communication networks, Sergeant. Electronic warfare team headquarters, staff sergeant Noa.

Operations Directorate
Security checks on personal security unit, corporal Hoodia. Head of North America in the IDF Deputy Libby Weiss.

The military courts unit
From that traffic, corporal Maayan.

The Mag
From that organization and management in the Mag, Sergeant Eden nebo.

Translated from Hebrew