Providence: the Rangers see Gaza from above – and save lives

צילום: חיל האוויר

Preventing harm to bystanders to rescuing soldiers clashes with armed terrorists: “we see all the intense fighting on top”

תאריך: 06/08/2014, 10:53    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

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חיל האוויר

Sometimes they are on the plane to prevent injury to bystanders, and at other times they are saving the lives of IDF fighters, air Scouts can take advantage of Premier and technological quality in their hands to tell a fighter.
By a nearby, or to identify a group of children passing by the House, seconds
Before he attacked.
Air Scouts of Scouting Squadron first conduct “operation cliff” since the beginning, through elaborate systems that are installed on ה”צופית aircraft” and receive an accurate picture in real time. A few Scouts and a mission control flight, then combine all “admiring the system, decrypt, and talk about with the ground forces, the air or needs us”, described Sgt. p., air patrol Squadron. Their response speed and resourcefulness that have a direct effect on the results of the task.

In dealing with mostly Squadron collecting preliminary intelligence missions and operations. Throughout operation “Cliff” are also Scouts accompanying the ground forces, ensure where combatant in the attack area and more.
“We are eight times the squadron’s flight, with photo and more
Intense. We also have the length of a single flight that can take almost twice as long as a routine flight “, said Lieutenant g., Chief Instructor and Squadron. “We are the fastest tools and flexible contracts between”, he says. “Certain types of tasks and specific areas have a clear advantage,” added Sgt. p..

Accompanying the ground forces and terrorist alert in the field.

The Rangers know the neighborhoods and streets of Gaza, sometimes even more than Israel. “We see the whole fight from above and see how she stressed:” intense sun, another Scout Squadron.
Lt. g was
On board who helped force paratroopers, when it identified terrorists in a coma. “At first the ground informed us about that identified them, shooting them. Then saw three people running away from home and realize they came from “Shootout restores Deputy Assistant. “We took away their eyes until they’ve reconnected and directed that an attacker
To eliminate. These terrorists were able to kill soldiers in clashes the following, “he added.

Throughout the operation, the Rangers stand in direct contact with the forces they serve them eyes. Sometimes the voices from the context can be familiar of good friends and brothers. 1st Sgt., air Squadron, met your twin brother. “My brother is an officer in armor,” said. “I was on duty in Gaza border lands, and I put about Recon squadron with their hands. Apparently that was
Dude, that’s the Mag talked to friends as they got “described. “Then the
For me and my brother out to refresh right next to me, and we were able to see He told me how we’ve helped them, he clarified, saying that “when you do you escort mission stiffened, because you know that anything can save a soldier”.

Draw for top echelon status in real time

The father testified that over time the cliff “, decision-makers canceled assaults almost every flight, due to what I have identified and interpreted.
“Sometimes we don’t move a particular perspective to not pass where a group of children,” said Sgt. p.. “Our job is to help decision makers in votes
Officials to understand the real situation in the image than before, “assault.
Intelligence on planes since 1947, then use reflect. Even then their premier brought to power a significant advantage, with the sophisticated technology of the day. “We see all the fighting from above,” said 1st Sgt., who knows the best parts in the Gaza Strip. “We feel the operation of the service, and work hard and carefully to help the army and save lives,” concluded.

Translated from Hebrew