Purple nights: Givati completed an exercise in Northern contours in Judea and Samaria

In cooperation with armor, the similarity between the decrees prepared men for fighting against the Hezbollah terrorists, too: “nobody knows when there will be
The next war. “

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מחבר: דניאל חסון ודנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Purple swarm: journey of Givati Brigade last exercise lasted between 70-90 km, noted proudly report, Colonel Ofer Vinter, the regimental drill closing ceremony. The Warriors began the Brigade area, and completed
Her Ma’ale mikhmas, oacha.

Space fighters marched on the steep ascents of Samaria. They crossed the mountains and large value around which still covered thickly snow melted yet, since the last storm. In front of the blue line – the Arab villages in South Lebanon and the mountainous terrain the neighboring property. “Without a doubt, the North is challenging front,” noted throughout the tiny few commanders on the ground.

The drill is set in the midst of a brief divisional lasted several weeks, both operational and long-term Government – in Judea and Samaria and the Gaza Strip. However, the Commander of the Givati Brigade insisted on tiny existence. “we do the best with what we have,” said Colonel winter to commanders.

The Warriors fought as part of Regimental Combat Team exercise (צק”ח). During the exercise
The Givati forces practising side armor, engineering company sky observations and reserve forces. Even helicopter gunships of the air force participated in the exercise, and practice the landed forces in enemy territory. “The goal is to train the Brigade together with proof of her best mates are going in sector
Which we needed, “said Guy Bason, a Deputy Commander in the Givati Brigade, which was charged at the rally grounds in the area and directed enemy.

On Sunday from a routine exercise, and okapzzo units of North ל”גבול. “We’ve gone from a situation of daily war. It requires them to do.
A change of thought, “explained Maj. BN. Initially the Givati גדס”ר pop-up to enemy territory in order to take over key areas. Then came the rest of the Division’s brigades, began to move on the Roma, a similar village on the Creek farm. In the Ma’ale mikhmas will in practice with live ammunition.

While the exercise tested the fighters and commanders on the ground in dense, reserves and high places. They performed the tasks of open space, attack villages and beyond. “Entered in late night hours so as not to disturb people,” said Maj. BN. “We went in the morning very early and caught the edge and points out,” he added.

Purple is the new black – a significant collaboration with shrionerim

Armored battalion “eshet”, which also participated in the exercise, concluded the period
The 401 brigade conducted training and early operational employment.  “We’re finishing
Intensive training period during which fought in the challenging and extreme weather to the limit and beyond, “said Makhoul, Sturm Colonel 401.
“The training was challenging, physically and mentally, but we were able to meet all the accomplishments and goals that we set for ourselves. The Division holds the tanks and mtokshvim, and we are ready for any scenario, “stressed.

On the last day of an exercise conducted in the concluding portion of the exercise, which was shorter than usual as a result
The defense budget cuts. During the exercise, participated along with fighters btankim and challenging mountain terrain.  “The exercise was carried out directly on wet, dry without practice before
Yes and know the territory “, said Majid eshet, Lt. Col. Ophir. “No practice in the Valley for nearly two years, and that made the challenging exercise. This change in level of difficulty and the type of surface, “he said adding that” the main objective of the exercise was to function in conjunction with ultimate Givati, and apply what you learned in the practice until now, especially in closed areas.

Three weeks ago, four wounded warriors battalion as a result of a training accident during an exercise in the Golan Heights. One of the wounded had already been released to his home, while the other three are still hospitalized and are now in wheelchairs. The three are conscious and communicate, and mostly burns in the face and limbs.

To the investigation was appointed a Commission of inquiry. “There was no deviation from procedures or orders”, said Majid do. “The lessons we learned from this case and we are waiting for the findings of the Commission of inquiry. There should be another one, “noted. According to the company, left the event reinforced and coherent approach. “We practice, and a week later the company in question had already made exercise a significant company, urban warfare.
The incident had no effect on the professional level, and developed a strong connection with the families, “said Lt.-Col.

Throughout the exercise, improved armor forces the connection with the Givati Brigade and fighting, including covering and onslaught. “The fighters got to the team level how to fight with their lives, while taking into account its pace and understanding what we need and what animal we can give him,” said Lt. Col. Ophir. “The level of orientation it was like a war — a familiar space and had to develop a common language quickly, as each mistake can bring a Commons meeting mission, concluded.

Shaked battalion agenda officer, Lt. Matan Buzaglo, told IDF website that Judea and Samaria was able to simulate best challenges in front of the North – in Syria and Lebanon. “Bayou area have steep and tricky-high vegetation, villages beyond the outskirts of a built-up area the built-up area itself,” Haji officer — and add that “these things we have to deal with in describing, for instance. Major bassoon also noted that “the Division learned she’s easy every guess must be required to continue to practice.”

Lieutenant Alastair summarized the will as physical and mentally challenging. “The activity of approximately battalion almond cut 48 hours. We had to climb high in the mountainous terrain and take walks.
The infantry also needed flexibility in light of changes in the mission, “the regimental officer.
Major BN added that the exercise of fundamental freedoms and the regimental. “We don’t know when will be the next war,” and concluded that “she can break tomorrow, or just a few years.

Translated from Hebrew