Quality character: equipment and transport base of the Navy awarded the efficiency and control

צילום: גפן רזניק, דובר צה”ל

Head naval naval equipment gave the prize to base due to quality control
Performed during extensive procurement procedures “have succeeded in implementing organizational culture on quality control

תאריך: 24/02/2014, 12:00    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

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בסיס חיפה

Equipment and transport base Navy won last week Navy quality award for the year 2013. The prize was awarded at the annual ceremony, held today at the base on top-class naval equipment (רמצ”ד), Brig. Gen. Moshe 123 1. In remarks at the Conference, addressed the importance of רמצ”ד quality control Corporation, a fortiori. “Quality is apparently probably not feel in his presence. There will always be some operational priority
As possible-to get a product, but an organization that defines itself as a quality organization must be engraved on the quality, and that’s what we do in the Navy, “said.

Reviewed the ceremony evolution in quality in recent years, and also advances in the field which contribute to efficiency. The Navy follow “quality bar, invented during World War II by Professor William Edwards Deming. As part of the implementation method, there is a need in improving and streamlining, supported the system of quality control.

The system enables organizations to understand the places you need to improve. The IDF maintains these conditions through quality audits, investigations and state assessments, which lead to changes and renewed and improved iarchviot.

This year’s quality prize received four bodies. In third place was awarded a dead unit (information systems and computing processes) of the Navy; Second place won the shipyard and base sea Navy (זי”ס);  And first base and transport equipment was awarded (in Chechnya) of the Navy. Head of quality management in the sector, major sodeki Hamdan, explained that “in Chile carried out many procurement processes for the Corps, and made a number of improvements in their units, they were raweiim. Therefore it was decided to give them the first place “.

Head naval naval equipment, Brig. Gen. Moshe 123 1, concluded the ceremony with a positive expectation. “After two years ‘ work to implement organizational culture-the issue
Quality. Everyone in msfen and equipment do …


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