Quiet, fast and deadly: the ultimate fighting machine to attack squads launching

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Navy missile boats attack launching squads and terrorist headquarters-mtmalaot in the moments after the terrorist activity. It retained the strategic superiority at sea.

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מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

חיל הים
צוק איתן

Sometimes she has to wait hours, days in front of the beach, dark silence. Hshaiota, combined with its ability to stay, making the missile war machine is perfect for temporary purposes attack-the window to ashmdtan opened for a short time only. Using the IDF sets can attack rocket-launching squad that would return in a minute under the ground or terrorist headquarters instant fills again.
“The ships have the capability of deterrence, and that time is virtually unlimited,” testified Lieutenant Commander ins and weapons Department, Captain Omri. “The fighters are trained in extended stay also in difficult conditions and at high tide,” explained.

Before the bottom,
Missile attacks on ships of the terrorist infrastructure, followed by their aid mission was added to the ground forces. Some of the attacks are carried out by the gun, shooting 76.
“The cannon placed precisely on the boat though the waves can damage the specific structures and response to launch links and goals”, said Captain Omri.
The Warriors
The SETI activity in okapzzo Gaza City shortly after practice in collaboration
With Greece’s army, which also included shelling beach. “We knew there was tension, but no one imagined how you get emotionally attached back to dock at Gaza Israel really us anymore,” senior brother weapon back handlebar, Sgt. Solomon. “Within hours we switch between the mental feeling of battle of coaching. There’s a big difference between shooting truth and practice. Across Gaza, you realize that there is no room for error, and it increases the sense of responsibility, “said.
According to
CM’s, while a stronger feeling of satisfaction of their fighters and their activities. “Most of our operations do not talk, the public hears and knows what we really do. Although this recognition is our goal, there is still a huge difference, “said. Her appreciation is in order some of the fighters, although most activity still classified, even throughout the operation. “Just the tip of the iceberg of our activity comes out,” Sgt. sharpened. “We feel that when we are in a strategic point on the sea”.

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