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Rocket ships fighters working on the element of surprise during the ‘ tafnit ‘ system installed in new naval training, including travel and survival training suddenly depths. Viewed

תאריך: 28/03/2014, 15:37    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

חיל הים

New training for Navy training ships, fighters, even missiles.
-Surprise port operational. “S” series, about a week old, the soldiers practiced during sudden, survival jobs deep, and drills on rubber boats (ס”גים).

The change stems from desire and force, IDF, even the training track will
As relevant to the current task. This is an important evaluation and drank alcohol as she is, a fortiori in the unit’s training as a non-operational,
Is Navy 3. Behind the move is about understanding that fighting scenes of rocket ships turned away many miles off the coast of Israel, and as was common in the past.

Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed, Commander of the squadron fighters 3, explained that one of the reasons for the implementation of the new training is the most advanced medium found in enemy hands, which may challenge the warriors. “These changes bring us to the conclusion that we
To produce a fighter with a high self-efficacy-one that just itouda batera being exported to an operational cruise for a few weeks, and deliver “, said Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed.

A value, in addition, that “s” series, increase the combat missile ships, soldiers will continue and strengthen both the motivation to raise to the force, as well as the motivation for the service itself. “It is evident that the Warrior benefit the change-percentage of the Eagle track bird wonders, 10-14 percent in 2010, before the putsch, only 3 per cent in 2013,” said Lt. Col. Ahmed.

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The series is part of the change in the training of the force, which also includes the first beret that evokes echoes of the array. As part of the basic training is replaced by February to rovai, and converted to carry weapons.

Another change in the staffing of the force is to combat ships, so that Division of soldiers for deployment, which will serve
And already after one month of training are scoped to their boat to get to operational activity.

“The series dependent on God, that I am looking at the poor. It differs from other infinitely a training school, and sophisticated technological training base in Haifa, said Lt. Col. Ahmed.

The show replaces Harry week (running training days of combat), which was held at the training base, while the original sea series at the Naval Academy. ארי”ק week was full of physical activities and mental difficulty, but based on aquatic exercises such as using rubber boats, left untrimmed (swimming with fins), and rafts-give the” Restore icon, Guy Cohen, staff

Translated from Hebrew