Last night, 3/16/16, received a message on a cow near Fasuta and gift towns, south of the road planted, which was positive for rabies.

The Ministry of Health wishes to all who touch or their animals in the event came in contact with the infected animal or stray animal, the date 03/01/16 to 03/15/16 inclusive, contact the health office in Safed, phone 04-6994257, 04-6994218, or health office close to his home, to consider the need for the provision of preventive care. After hours and weekend contact the hospital emergency room.
The Ministry of Health wishes to transfer the event information for travelers and tourists in the area and in nearby communities.
Parents are asked to check with their children, should have been in contact with animals suspected and contact the health office.
Pet owners should contact a veterinarian permission, for confirming vaccinate mode.
The Ministry of Health once again reminds those bitten or scratched by an animal, wash my hands in the area with running water and soap, disinfect disinfectant and access to the health office to check whether there is need to receive rabies prophylaxis.