Race for non-old divisions

המירוץ, ביום חמישי. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Hatm, activity in a 9 round the clock takes them sleep, it’s hard to compete in the sport in front of the regular units. So they built their own racing

תאריך: 04/06/2014, 15:43    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

כושר קרבי

Representatives from all divisions in the army report last week to the first race Menashe held near division headquarters. The race, in which the regional divisions competed against each other, in order to allow for dealing with Beth race.
The starting point is worth. “The common denominator of everyone who deals with Bette is sleepless nights with lots of action, and in these conditions it is difficult to compete against someone who is old enough,” explained h. pine, Colonel Zini, who initiated the race. “Therefore we decided to do only race is, then everyone at hatm conditions.”

The race is the fruit of cooperation with חטמ”ר Manasseh
Combat fitness class and assigns two – one in five kilometers in length and the other 10 miles. Participation was open to everyone at hatm, fighters and supporters. “It is important to keep fit that ultimately manifests itself.
Need to run fast or long walk with weights, and should allow you to do this and make decisions after a concerted effort, “noted Zini Colonel. “The Commander should take on the field and be responsible for his troops ‘ fitness.

חטמ”ר Samaria soldiers proved themselves as the fastest runners, with the prizes instead of hatm category. Happy category took a cup from Eilat, Colonel AVI Dahan.  Max racing is part of the fitness and wellness program at hatm Menashe, which includes the officers and soldiers running, smoking cessation workshops and lectures on nutrition.

Translated from Hebrew