Raising combat collection: the practice of operational and service definition

IDF special project site: how look weeks of various troops, plus tips for recruits.  IDF website reporter accompanied a detachment of the regiment a bud, and discovered how to combine intelligence and thwart terrorists.

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מחבר: דניאל חסון, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי מרץ 2014
איסוף קרבי
פיקוד המרכז

Routine car trip tour of the company, the Kirby collection “Bud” develops into an operational event quickly during training. “Shoot!” warns the Warriors squad leader. Passenger car warriors with sophisticated means of observation. With the help of the powers the scanners, warn about dangers and powers.
When needed.

Raising combat collection: the practice of operational and service definition

Professions of the gathering is to be the “camp”, and provide the intelligence sector forces required to perform tasks on the best. The company does this by using a “special” vehicles, and ground radar to gather visual information. However, if you open an event – throws stones or Molotov (Molotov cocktails), and attempted terrorist attacks – they charge like any fighter force.

For these they go to practice a few times a year, with an emphasis on practicing docking vehicle – two seconds from a routine patrol for the event.
“We’re trying to simulate the Warriors in the best possible way,” explains the company commander, Captain Mok. “Ultimately, the most important principle is uncertainty,” he added.

Raising combat collection: the practice of operational and service definition

After unloading the vehicle, the Warriors start to storm to shame. The sound of gunshots in the air, deafening, but don’t worry: this is a special ball, bullet. “I hope the feeling of shooting put you harder situation,” Captain Cohen. I can’t not to stop breathing
With the first shots. The first bomber was thwarted. The fighters are continuing to move in the open field, toward the source of the shots still lights.

This exercise is part of a week of fighting the fighters. Besides, the training includes
Even professional studies, navigation, lnterpretation, deliberate practice and exercise 24-year-old agreement. The rest of the time they perform operational employment in various divisions at Mayo – protecting communities, arrests and warn about the chance of attacks. “We have the advantage of observation, because our views are very high”, clearer than the specific tasks more operations of collecting.

After elimination of the terrorists is over, exercise and the officers are starting to consolidate feedback.
At the same time dropping tonight. Hour marks for half the day, and they will continue with full training, into the night.


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