Raising engineering: enlist new to the force marches Sunday.

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IDF special project site: how look weeks of various troops, plus tips for recruits. IDF website correspondent joined the ceremony.
Festive beret and an arduous journey before.

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מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי מרץ 2014
הנדסה קרבית
זרוע היבשה

“! Posh! “yells one of the commanders during the engineering defense cadets
Groaning under the burden of sweaty. After almost 40 miles marched, they can see the silver beret on the horizon, and the legs by scrambling to climb

Raising engineering: enlist new to the force marches Sunday.

I guess if you were say most novices in their draft day in about four months, they are such a distance, they express doubts about it. While they are marching in an enviable agility, I’m breathing heavily after a large number of miles I walked and apparently I engineering Warrior out.

The force, consisting of three regular battalions, the regiment אב”ך and יהל”ם unit (special engineering), engaged in a variety of fields, including infantry fighters property challenges in addition to the special engineering tasks to him.

To know how to exploit the land.

The basic end of fighters as a Rifleman and 05 (level 5 rating
Geometric), that in order to achieve them they taste during training the professional disciplines along with basic training. “We focus on fundamentals,” explains a control engineering, Lt.-Col. Sharon Haddad. “Shooting field gets heavier weight, explains what’s in General and the” military sharpens.

Raising engineering: enlist new to the force marches Sunday.

Although the focus is on basic elements of a warrior infantry Warrior,
Advanced training phase which is expected to get the rookies this is mainly.
“This is a very challenging and training varied, mainly the main challenges in the Mainland,” adds the Commander of the school of military engineering (HAL), Colonel Ilan savage. “The combat engineering corps we need to many chshirviot, such as dealing with complex obstacles such as built. We are building the haileim facing these challenges, “he said.

When you look at the rookies are marching towards the CAP, you can’t help thinking about the operational importance of operational events in General, and in the next war. “Their place is at the forefront of operation are the warriors. When examining the battlefield, you may notice more urban warfare, which is more volatile than ever before in the world, “argues Colonel savage. “The ability to face these threats takes a very big place, so of course there will be the engineering and know to exploit the land,” he explained.

Fresh fighters also were hearing from Sir HAL on a unique place on the battlefield.
“Reg is always first,” he said. “Tchlitano to allow
Freedom of movement for our troops and prevent freedom of movement to the enemy “.

Miami shores to Cap campaign

When the rookies to a stop in the middle of the journey, when late at night and so begin to give manifest themselves. However, the motivation that leads them not letting them stop. Before joining wanted to be fighting, it was a dream, “says corporal Tomer Ben Sage, but that” a very exciting journey for me. I worked for four months and I finally get a beret “.

Also for the trip was private Stephen a special moment. I encountered during the mid break, and he indicates to me that he has a slightly different life story such as others.
Private interpreting turned with his parents, diplomats in the foreign service, between countries of the world, until he felt it was time for a new step in his life.

Raising engineering: enlist new to the force marches Sunday.

When he was 16, he decided to leave the House in Miami, and Israel. “I had
Obviously that would serve, but I wanted to go to Israel even before, “he recalls.
“When I came to earth went from House to House every few days. It was not easy. Luckily,
Retired private school hakfar hayarok, graduating at age 12. “I came to protest and oak trail course for newcomers. I didn’t know anything about Israel, “he recalls. “I always wanted to join the combat, and when I got to 33.25 engineering is applied because it is the most combat force there,” he boasts.

During the journey, driving the rookies to carry the flag of Israel, which excites the private rider. “When I see the flag of Israel I get goose bumps,” he tries to explain.
“I define myself as a Zionist. He said that during the last track he already sees himself changes. “I used to think about that is, parties and friends. Today
I know I can be better than that, and the army is helping me. I’ve grown ”
Indicates itself.

Raising engineering: enlist new to the force marches Sunday.

“I don’t believe in achsopa through me!” cried out when the new recruits sounded excited about finishing the journey. Alongside rookies excited, thrilled even more commanders.
“I’m very excited,” admitted Deputy company commander to battalion, Lieutenant which is included.
“I turned off the power, and that means pushing everyone forward. They entered it.
It brings me back to my journey. These partners also other commanders.
“We’re very soldier waiting for the silver beret”, recalls one of the commanders, Sergeant Ben Kroeger. classrooms “Sir, it’s different, instead you beret gives the CAP,” he concludes.

Translated from Hebrew