Raising the living way: what will the Warriors?

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גיוסי מרץ 2014

And don’t forget-you גולנצ’יקים? “, slammed the Division Commander
At the tiled, and Hesse the soldiers laughing about it. “The thing about layup that maintain professionalism, even when afucim and tired. We shoot at targets, practice hitting the enemy and go to sleep, “he continues, surfing on other instructions, reprimanding and aimed the fighters who are in the midst of the mythical family of the Division took part in all Israel’s wars.

Raising the living way: what will the Warriors?

It is actually a Department Chief from the rough agreement, what is expected of the soldiers in the weekend shooting. This week is the first week of practice, and the amount of the fourth and final shot at a training course – in short, a very critical phase to become infantry Warrior. Acquired knowledge which allow combatants due to hit terrorists and be accurate in shooting to the largest range possible, except with his captain pigeon IDF website, Commander of one of the battalions in divisional training base (a). “It’s a whole new era. Boot camp is devoted to discipline, while he advanced training phase. This is basically the matriculation examination of the Warrior “, he added.

Chief of Department-more doom He goes hither and thither, the phantom hides from one goal or two. Suddenly there is silence, and last laughs mausim disappeared. Each
Just give the order to advance, then shoot at the targets.

Before the bullets start flying, prompted a brief explanation-I joined the company, shooting week Base training of the Division one, to try to provide answers to some questions that concern many of the Brigade amtgiisim challenging and even personal. Always wanted to know if I could for a grueling day in the Division. So
In answer to the question of Sir-it is hard to believe that here, at the entrance to the range, excited about the end of basic training and look forward to professional training to enable them to full-fledged warriors in legendary Division, almost anybody can forget that he גולנצ’יק.

Sorority golanch

The classes are commonly found along the little street lights lit on each building. Each such structure is a separate range, which practice a dozen soldiers simultaneously shooting complex. “The shooting is a very difficult week that shooting day and night, sleeping in small tents here out of the gun,” is a tribute to the tiny circular tents. “But this is golden, our destiny,” says my platoon Sergeant, Sergeant Itai, the pauses.

“Advanced practice in dealing with detainees and various modes and shooting while
Traffic. It’s a step up from boot camp “, extends second lieutenant Omar Sobol, mm. The
The techniques learned from news explained the company commander. “They’re learning advanced training
You gotta hide under cover while firing, and tight on each other while jumping. It builds and transforms them into warriors win.

Raising the living way: what will the Warriors?

Before shooting himself, the shooting somewhat difficult to restrain the loud. The Golani Brigade at Golani, also known for her famous entered its greatest warriors who come from all corners of the population life may cost sometimes almost overflowing. As the fighters explain to me after four months of basic training, each of the soldiers get to the whims of the other, and there are many intrinsic humor can’t even begin to explain. “At first everyone took care of himself. This manifests itself in travel and carrying stretchers, which was annoying the staff, second lieutenant Omar.
Sobol. “During Heather saw at first, everyone was calling his family and are not
They would sit together, “adds Sergeant.

But things are different today. Even if the long way as bothered to remind staff, acts of generosity and brotherhood of warriors begin to form. “Happens all of a sudden someone takes
Washing his friend’s House if he closes, and bring him צ’וקולוקים at the end of the Sabbath, “notes Sergeant in pride.

“They will come days whole time together, and they get icetopapo situations in the bedroom with their friends in the field than most. This is the kind of stuff that’s hard when you do that, then you’re happy about them, “Sergeant June Ronnie, Chief of one of the classrooms. “The essence of this place is that they not only drinking beer with friends.
On Friday, but that you fry. After that, you can grab a beer on Friday, “adds, smiling Captain Dove, m.

The key to success-gradation

As social ahatgbshot is done gradually, so actually the gradient is etched on the flagship training basically leads to any process, as explains major pigeon to me. From discipline to professional abilities. The shell supports and enables the soldier to become מ’אזרח. ‘ ל’גולנצ’יק ‘-in minimum.

It is the gradation requirements of the rovaity (“I was missing all the time in shooting,” admits me shamelessly Oriental symbol now is excellent, Slingshot) and physical fitness than 4 miles on the first 70 miles of treacherous last.

Raising the living way: what will the Warriors?

To understand how the military discipline the agenda, I turn into one
The soldiers, Pvt. Ronnie exterminator. “Oh, how it changes everything,” he replied. “Less on the practical and more mental. It’s hard to get used to it you don’t have independence.
I obviously understand the importance of it, but it’s hard to avoid the feeling sometimes that it was out of boredom of the commanders, “he laughs.

But the position of the other side, when I’d ask commanders whether distans
Keeps them tied to their soldiers, responds softer. “In one-on-one conversation,
Allow the distans, opens second lieutenant Sobol. “You can’t ask who I love. I love all my soldiers, and that’s why I want to coach them, “explains, and to continue the work of the golanch design.

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