A ceremony marking 70 years to a macho warriors to Ramat Gan police conducted at the police station. “We will strengthen the values 70 years to a macho warriors for the Ramat Gan led by Deb
Gruner, was held today (Sunday) the exciting ceremony to mark the occasion at the police station. The ceremony took part
Hutchison, senior representatives of the municipality of Ramat Gan, the police forces and ח׳ graders from both schools.
In the city.

In April תאריך23 1946, Etzel fighters erupted for the Ramat Gan in order to steal.
Weapons used them against foreign rule, disguised as British soldiers and prisoners.
Western dishes.
It killed 3 burglary אצ”ל fighters-fighter, Dov Gruner, was seriously wounded and fell by
The British.

During his trial and others late on Derech unable to request clemency from the Court since he
Refusing to recognize the foreign rule.
A year after the break-in, on 15 April 1947 Dov Gruner was hanged along with three others in prison 3.  Seven years later, on 27 May 1954 was against Ramat Gan police square

This morning, held a ceremony marking 70 years of the courage of Dov Gruner and his friends.
The ceremony began at 9:00 at the Ramat Gan,
In the presence of the Mayor of Ramat Gan, Israel singer, Chairman of the City Council, head of the Association
“Deb גרונר״, Samuel Lehrman, the Alliance representative, Mr. Yair asstovitz,
Eighth grade students from the manachil school and the stems and Hutchison.

Israel Police and the municipality of Ramat Gan sees importance in maintaining a State of memory.
Israel, and heroic values education and Zionism. MCM תנ”צ, Shimon, said: Hutchison, found in breach.
Ramat Gan police bravery, steadfastness, initiative, originality and companionship between the fighters.
Those values continue to undergo a thread ever since for years the existence of
We, Israel, police will continue to act in order to maintain and strengthen these values. “

During the ceremony, which honored present ח׳ graders from schools and city manachil stems,
The elders of the macho, macho anthem singing peace by the police Orchestra
The Alliance representative Hutchinson, Yair asstovitz, said at the ceremony: ״אני thank all involved
In commemoration of Hutchison and his works, it is not for granted. 
During the event, students enjoyed the display of police vehicles, dogs and mounted
After the ceremony unveiled a sign which describes the story, fall of Dov Gruner
His heroic and against foreign rule until his death.

Translated from Hebrew