Reaching the edge of the world

צילום: דובר צה”ל

A year after Typhoon storm “cyan” hit the Philippines and brought massive destruction, dimensions listed in the delegation as to how assistance helped the Islanders to their grandfather that sword.

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מחבר: ניב שקד, אתר צה”ל

Last year’s Typhoon storm hit “Heian” island Cebu the Philippines.
Thousands of people have been killed and buried under the wreckage left behind a deadly storm.
Men, women and children have lost their homes and find themselves on the streets, mourning ones who died and all smooththings over with Emma recovering from disaster capability that control them.
The delegation
No Israeli was late to arrive under the command of raschr Development Department and home front command (Commander of the national rescue unit), Sveti rmatin, Colonel and Chief Medical Officer
(Lt. קרפ”ר), Brig. Gen. Dr. Dudu, landed in a delegation of over 100 rescue, doctors and guards. Their goal was to try to restore all the destruction, and put your life on the island. “We’re getting to the airport and see a lot of planes and medical equipment that came from all over the world, piles of humanitarian aid and local displays around some in shock and others trying to help,” says a member of the rescue team, Capt. Asaf dealer. “After we get to ride bogo city, where we decided to settle down and stop at the Community Center where Hsu people lost their homes,” he recalls. “Everything is dark, rainy and the air smells of sewage. We enter into Basketball Hall roof up in storm and start camping in the field to not dry equipment.
With the local community opens a central intelligence and help trying to find out what happened to each one.
It was the first scene that appeared in front of the ruins of the Israeli delegation. Homes were destroyed and trees collapsed on the roads and blocked them;
The electricity and water severely compromised. On the storm survivors wander in search of food or shelter.

Push to a new life.

Especially the Israeli delegation’s
Was civil rehabilitation, providing support and assistance to local residents so they can repair themselves. “Combined with the medical aid we worked to get the local population crisis,” says Colonel, Commander of the expedition, Sveti rmatin. “During 14
Days spent on the island delegation was able to see the last change, and how she managed to rebuild itself with our push, “he added.
The idea stemmed from the understanding that the assistance cannot stay on the island. Therefore it was decided to exploit the time instead to create a suitable ground, residents will be able to build their lives from scratch. “The desire was to help the civilians get out of the crisis,” explains major dealer. “We have four schools and thousands of students return to the desktop. This thing has allowed parents to go to work and care for a living.
And finding the House so they can get on with their lives. So let the local population to return to normal life in their own right.

Reaching the edge of the world

Photo: IDF

In addition to the rescue teams of the HFC infrastructure rehabilitation, Medical Corps personnel at a local hospital to give optimal medical residents. “The medical teams of the delegation worked for the local hospital was first and it was drugs, along with basic infrastructure of electricity and water”, Deputy Commander of the hospital, Col. David Zuckerman delegation. “The main aim
Was first of all to quality health to as many people as possible. At the same time we worked to help and rehabilitate existing medicine with new medical equipment. Given local training
So after you leave the hospital will continue to operate as possible. “


Moments of light in the

Beside the professional challenges and key sights including the contested by the delegation during the two weeks when anything in the Philippines, piled up a few of these moments to remember for many years to come. One of the moments that have been at the heart of Capt. Assaf Diller was a short-lived little orphan’s five. “We went to one of the Islands in order to fix the water infrastructure was destroyed,” he recalled. “Angel, one of the local girls whose parents were killed in the storm and was completely destroyed, approached me, took my hand and put on your forehead. It was like saying we. As a father of two children that I don’t forget the world.
When we got on the boat and started back and saw Angel coming back to play with her friends. Since I don’t know how, “he added.

Reaching the edge of the world

Photo: IDF

According to Colonel Sveti expedition was a succession of unforgettable moments, but the moment passed in his memory he had done business together with the home front command, Maj. Gen. Eyal Eisenberg, one of the schools to restore during their stay. When they waited for arrived warm and full. “When we were waiting for us with little boys 1500 country Israel flags and signs”, he says.

“Trouble read and ahlatch”

All the Israeli delegation members left their jobs and families, and traveled to the disaster area on the other side of the world to help him escape from arisothio.
“I found myself in a few minutes of calm on a plane flight back and thought about the power, the power
And values of the Israel Defense Forces to leave everything and to give a helping hand to all injured.
And sick “, says Lieutenant Colonel Zuckerman. “The delegation showed the excellence and quality of medical corps, the sense of Mission of all medical personnel which is very exciting.”
Each delegation has done everything he can to help everybody, “notes major dealer. “You see him working simultaneously to reach everyone, and that goal. You understand
You have to save lives and you represent the Israel Defense Forces of the world and a grotto in the way you perform in the best possible way. ” The desire to help anyone who needs it Sue DNA of Israel.  “The IDF has challenges it faces
In, drop everything and go help then there is an important statement to the world, “he says, and he stressed the Psalms quote:” nothing is more “trial in trouble read and ahlatch.

Translated from Hebrew